The 5 Best Smartphone Games to Play with Your Family

The 5 Best Smartphone Games to Play with Your Family

Spending time for Christmas with your family is both fun and nice, but it may get challenging at times as boredom may sneak in.

All of that eating and drinking is good, but it’s only a matter of time until one member of your family is going to pop the infamous question “Shall we play a game?” hold your horses and don’t go running yelling “Yes!”. It may be the old and classic Monopoly the main option. Even if it has its fun sides, it does take you until midnight to finish it, and you’d have to be Sheldon-shaped to like it that much.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t turn to the classic games; we’re simply saying that it wouldn’t be such a terrible idea to turn to your phone. Not for calling a cab, but for playing some games on your phone (iPhone, Android Phones and even tablets).

The options are plenty and we’re sure you can go through as many as you like, no matter which type of phone you have. We’re also positive that you’re going to find a charger for your phone too so that you don’t end up your game all of the sudden.

In a nutshell? Winter holidays are coming and it’s a great occasion to take another look. it’s not for the social media, but for the great game that you’ve just downloaded few minutes ago!

Without any further introduction, here’s our top 5:

  1. Heads up!

This game needs at least 2 players and it comes free on Android, but you’re going to have to pay a monthly fee for iOS.

This is probably the most popular game to play with your family this Christmas. It was created by the adorable US TV host Ellen DeGeneres and you may have seen her playing it with her famous guests on her very own show.

This game is in fact a really intense version of the old game where you’d write something on a paper and stick the paper on one’s foreheads. Just like in the old game, you need to figure out what does the note say by only asking questions.

This one is different as you get to select the topic. There are plenty of options: movies, animals, celebrities and many more. Put the phone on your head, wait for the countdown and let the other members of your family see what it’s going to show on the screen.

You only have 60 seconds for your family and friends to give you hints on the words that are on your forehead. It’s only a matter of time until everyone is going to start screaming words, make all sorts of sounds- isn’t this how an ideal Christmas supposes to be anyway?

  • Bounden

2 players can play this game which isn’t free on Android nor iOS.

Bounden is a great game as it puts you to move and dance. It doesn’t mean that you have to be great on your dancing skills, though. The game is able to see the two players holding the phone, one grabbing every end. It makes them guide a sphere through a path of rings later on.

The action is going to become some sort of a dance as the players are going to twist and twirl for navigating the sphere.

Even if you’re dancing skills are non-existent, you’re still going to be able to play this game as the sphere works as a guide. In addition, if you really suck at it, it’s going to be plenty of fun.
The one you usually enjoy is Lucky palace.

The game includes 8 dances and the choreography was made by the Dutch National Ballet. This can only mean one thing: your moves are going to rock! Remember that practice makes perfect, so…don’t lose hope!

  • Spaceteam

2-8 players can play this game. This game is free and it’s a bit old, but still makes it as a great opportunity to spend some nice time with your family.

Spaceteam is all about cooperative experiences and it’s one of the top choices to play on your phone/tablet. Every player has to download the app to their own device. A panel for the spaceship is going to appear, letting you know that you’re about to fly together.

The tricky part is that every player sees a different panel that helps for flying the craft. The principle is that you get the instructions, but you’re going to have to communicate the tasks to the other players. You only see the instructions for the other players- tricky, remember? You may also run into time-sensitive tasks and borderline nonsenses, which only make it more fun.

Spaceteam begins with simply saying the words “burn toast”, “wash socks”, but it’s only a matter of time until you start screaming weird phrases at each other, keeping the ship on its course.

  • Escape team

This is a game for 2-4 players and it’s free. It’s a great game that teaches you about teamwork.

You’re going to need to solve a puzzle as a team, working against the clock. It may require arranging pieces of a puzzle, translating Morse code or solve a “Sudoku riddle”. There are several options.

A single mission in the game includes a specific number of the aforementioned puzzles, therefore, in order to finish a mission, you’re going to need to finish all the important puzzles right before the time is up.

Even if Escape Team isn’t a mobile game per se, as you’re also going to need to print out several documents from the puzzles. Therefore, make sure you have a printer around the house. apart from this minor downside, the game is a great choice as it also makes you put your brain to work for a bit.
  • Jackbox party packs

2-8 players can play this one and you don’t need only your phone/tablet.

This game is also available for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android TV, PC, Apple TV and other platforms. It also requires that all the players use a smartphone or a tablet.

Once you’ve downloaded the game on your console, you’re going to need to connect everyone’s phone to the game and using it as a controller over the internet.

Each Jackbox Party Pack has several games that you can play, but Drawful seems to be the most popular one.

Drawful is a lot like the Pictionary, the main difference being that your creations are as big as your TV> there is trivia, investigation games and plenty of wordplay too so that the competition keeps you wired up.

One last word

Just because you’re going to play some games on your phone doesn’t mean that you should go back to using it for your net surfing when you’re done. Using your phone for some games is ok, unless you don’t forget the main reason for which you’re celebrating the winter holidays- spending nice time with your family and friends!

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