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Ever heard of the phrase ‘first impressions count’? Well, this is not only related to people but also structures such as buildings and spaces in our environment. In some cases, it is unfortunate that just by looking at something we would think we knew what it was all about, but in some instances, this can be a good thing, because the way you adorn the exterior, often places an idea in the mind of what it would be like on the interiors, which in turn could either attract people to the building or put them off – which would you prefer?

It has often been said that a pretty office often makes for a productive work space too, this article can tell you more about this. In today’s world, the more lavish something looks, the more interest people have in it, and where you work or live, is much in the same thing.

If your home looks disorderly or muddled on the outside, one could easily think it’s the same on the inside. However, it is not just about appearances but the practicality thereof, as well.

For illustration purposes, think about an office building like Google, that doesn’t have a bicycle stand for its employees to lock their bikes up in an orderly fashion, and as such you find bicycles parked in all nooks and crannies of the place.

This would be something obvious, wouldn’t it? And it would not give us such a good impression of the place nor make it easy to continuously try and find space to park our bikes. Much in the same way is any other structure or environment.

When you have things that enhance the surrounding area instead of hinder it, not only does it give a good impression of the space, and build up the brand, but it would also make it a more pleasant place to work or live when you have a functional place, and it also increases the value of the property as well. People don’t think about these things and often leave them to the architects or construction companies.

So, what are these things that suppliers can add to any space to make them more valuable? We take a look below.

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External Street Furniture That Can Add Value to Any Space

Bicycle Parking. Let’s start with the most obvious one. One of the most considered items to add to any building that has multiple employees is cycle parking. But not just any cycle parking, a sheltered one. Bikes do have a tendency of rusting if left in the open air, and when hit by rain and humidity.

This I also something that needs to be assessed for any type of building to make sure it fits perfectly within the confines of the space. This is also something that can encourage people to take out their cycles and ride them to work. Much like the recent initiatives that have cropped up all over the UK, the “ride to work scheme” initiated by the government, which is a benefit offered to every employee where they can get discounted prices on various bicycle accessories.

This allows many employees an assortment of benefits such as taxation and national insurance contributions and it encourages the workforce to be healthier and more active and in turn happier. The guidance for employers can be found on the government website here:

Benches. This is a simple structure, isn’t it? And something you would expect in the majority of environments; however, some still lack it. Having benches outside an office building or even a house or care home, can encourage people to sit outside in the fresh air, and get some Vitamin D in the sunlight.

Living in the UK this is very important because lack of these natural gifts can lead to the popularly known as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is a type of depression that occurs during winter seasons every year. The good thing about having benches is that they can be made to fit any space, shape, or size. It is the simple things that count.

Planters. One of the most important things to be around, next to being in the sun and fresh air, are plants and nature. There is an array of benefits from being in nature including its positive effects on the mind and body. Having planters around any building, no matter what it is, makes a significant difference to the aesthetics and gives a homely feel to it.

Plus, it encourages birds and bees to it, which help pollinate it and all of this combined makes the world go around. The majority of street furniture suppliers will tell you that this is one of the most popular additions to any property.

If nothing else, at least these three suggestions above should be valuable additions to your offices or homes.

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