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February, the month of hearts, is fast approaching and as early as now you must be thinking already of ideas for a perfect gift for your special someone this upcoming Special Occasion’s Gift. However, if you do not have any ideas yet on what to give, this article would be a great help for you. It is quite beneficial for us that the World Wide Web was discovered because it made it easier for anyone to lookup for ideas as to what would be the perfect gift to give. Take Sugarboo Designs for example. Sugarboo Designs are everything that a person who has an artistic soul is looking for. It is a compendium of wall art or decals, throw pillows, table photo frames, and luxurious masterpieces that inspires, gratify, comforts and reinvigorate the soul and mind. If your spouse or special someone is very into arts which are meaningful and inspirational, then Sugarboo Designs is perfect for him or her.

Sugarboo Designs are just the perfect gifts to give — no matter what the occasion may be — because one of the reasons why Sugarboo Designs was launched is because of love. So whenever we give it as a present, we can always correlate it with love.

Sugarboo Designs: How It All Started

Rebecca Puig has always been into drawing and designing surreal pieces of art from when she was just a girl. After launching Sugarboo Designs in 2005, she and her spouse had effectively put her art skills to good use. It all originally started with the spouses having this concept of creating a small floating photo in the center of a wood frame which is oversized. They subsequently built a model and had been eventually awarded with a US patent on their design. They labeled the design Photobox. The Photobox and all other Sugarboo designs were an instant hit to almost everyone, especially those whose who have a passion for creative arts.

Soon afterwards, Rebecca eventually managed to set up and settle into her own exclusive studio office where she ended up making it look and feel like a home. She gave a classic style vibe to her studio by plastering a chalkboard paint on all of its walls. She also stuffed the place with all her favorite things (her kids’ artwork, her mother’s painting, metal paint trays, a frayed orange chair, as well as an outdated canister in which she put the paint brushes). Moreover, for the next few years she has therefore been able to master and improve her artistic style that made her very famous and influential for her peculiar retail showcases and whimsical antique style.

She also started creating art projects to inspire her children. Rebecca named her company for this reason -Sugar and Boo are actually her children’s nicknames. She has influenced and encouraged numerous individuals in wanting to create things that are meaningful and that has its own soul and essence. Additionally, she has continued to remind each one of everyone they love.

Rebecca’s style is completely unique. She has this creative skill that balances contrasting elements – light and dark, the old and new, and the sentimental feel and fluffs. Almost all of her acclaimed signs represent clear and meaningful messages and at the same time it can also make people happy or laugh heartily.

Who could have guessed that a small business which just humbly originated in a garage about over 10 years ago would dominate the art world and that it would be so popular that it is sold worldwide. Sugarboo Designs has definitely come a long way out of its simple start. The growth and success of their business has been a direct result of their creative imagination as well as their genuine and unconditional love for their children. Up to the present, Sugarboo Designs still continues to grow and is flourishing. They even now cater to private events and retreats for Sugarboo’s clients. They are now offering their newly opened Sugarboo Farms, spacious accommodation with a homey feel which is perfect for events. Sugarboo Farm is situated in North Georgia’s mountains. A terrific place with a terrific view.

Rebecca Puig’s main goal will remain unchanged forever–that is, creating and selling art, as well as other products, to make every home a happier one and have that nostalgic feel. Furthermore, her desire has never changed, too. She wanted to help individuals express how they feel towards those they love, and also to give them a constant affirmation of their love and happiness in their homes.

The Ideal Gift for Your Girlfriend

Thoughtfulness often matters more when it comes to giving gifts than the cost of the gift itself. A lot of people will say buying overpriced gifts are not really practical. We always presume that it is the thought that matters, however when it comes to giving gifts to a certain person that you truly love and admire, it also should not matter if you would want to give gifts that are costly. The value of the gifts should just not depend as to how much they cost, but perhaps we should emphasize more on the message the gifts convey – regardless of the price.

Sugarboo Designs undoubtedly have been at the top of the most lavish category of gifts to give. It is because they are a wide variety of motivating and whimsical artworks, extraordinary vintage-inspired presents, and hand-made luxury apparels with such an interesting mix of love, creativeness, skill, and sentimentality. Here you will be pleased to discover an amazing selection of antiquated throw pillows, signposts, candle lights, paintings, surreal drawings and paintings, paper products, home decors, and so much more with inspirational words which warm the soul.

The Sugarboo designs are inspired by nature, different animals, historical artifacts, children’s contemporary art and crafts. The merging of all of these elements produces such classic and stylish designs. Each of their design is filled with such a creative, whimsical appeal as well as a combination of classic and modern style.


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