Sudden Appearance of Roaches in House – Reasons Why?

Cockroaches are very resilient insects and once your home is infested by these insects, it’s quite hard to get rid of them.

Not only are cockroaches very unattractive to look at but they are also know to carry germs and allergens.

Cockroaches can be attracted to your house for multiple reasons

and knowing the reasons for this, will help you get rid of them and maintain your and your family’s health. Meepo roach killing articles can also be referred to remove a roach infestation.

In this article we will discuss the reasons due to which a cockroach is attracted to your house.



Food is the number one attractor of cockroaches in your house. These insects need food to survive and if they have an open access to food then soon your house will be thriving with a roach infestation.

To prevent this from happening, always keep your food covered and don’t leave them uncovered as it might attract the cockroaches.

Always rinse the plastic containers the plastic containers thoroughly after use and throw away garbage every night. Don’t leave your garbage in the house.

Also thoroughly clean the countertops and cooking area so that there isn’t any traces of food left. While storing food always use airtight containers and refrain from using cardboard boxes as much as possible.



Damp and cool places tend to attract the cockroaches. Stagnant water in your home can be an attractor of cockroaches.

Leaky pipes and faucets and areas under the sink are the spots where a cockroach tends to hide.

Make sure there is isn’t a puddle of stagnant water collecting anywhere in your house. Also make sure to check for leaky pipes.

Wet sponges, towels and bathmats should be dried properly and if you have pets empty their water bowls regularly.


Gaps and cracks in walls and counters

Tiny cracks or gaps in the walls or kitchen counters can easily turn into a cockroach nest. Cockroaches are always on the lookout for dark and tight places and the cracks and fissures in walls makes a perfect spot.

These gaps can also be a means for them to get inside your house. To prevent this from happening you have to clean the gaps in cabinets and inside appliances and other similar dark and small spaces regularly.

If you can’t clean all of these gaps then you can seal them off with caulk to prevent the roaches from accessing the gaps.

Uncovered trash

Cockroaches are known to thrive in filth and a smelly and uncovered trash can is the best food source for a cockroach.

The foul smelling garbage combined with scraps of food can be a great magnet for cockroaches. So make sure that you always properly cover your garbage bins and don’t keep these trash bags in your for any ger than necessary.

Also before you throw out used containers from your house, make sure that you rinse them properly so as to not attract the roaches.


Cardboard boxes

Cockroaches are not only attracted to human food but any source that come from organic matter is food for them like wood and cardboard boxes as well as paper.

If you have many storage boxes in your house than chances are they will get a roach infestation. Cardboard boxes can also be a living space for them as it is dark and cool inside.

Old furniture can also be a place for cockroach infestation. So, get rid of cardboard boxes from your home as well as any rotten wood and old furniture.


Final words

Cockroaches are a year round problem and these insects need only the bare minimum to survive. Knowing the right reasons of a cockroach infestation can help you take up measures to get rid of them.


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