Study on a Standing Desk – Health Benefits

Standing Desk Health Benefits

Standing desks have been known and used since long ago. However, now, they are becoming increasingly popular. It is connected to several factors:

  • It was proven that a sedentary lifestyle is harmful to health;
  • The productivity of workers decreases when they feel discomfort or when they have some health issues;
  • The general trend to improve the working conditions is growing in popularity.

Many companies start installing height-adjustable desks in the hope that they will solve all the problems of their employees and boost their productivity. However, let us have a closer look at the advertised benefits of height-adjustable desks and some statistical data.

To Get the Desired Effect, Use a Correct Desk

First of all, not all the height-adjustable desks are equally good. For example, let us have a look at an example of a standing desk in Canada. A good standing desk has the needed size and design to fit perfectly into your working space. You can adjust it easily thanks to a high-quality actuator system. It might be controlled remotely for additional comfort. A quality height-adjustable desk is something that makes office work pleasant.

Benefits That Come with a Height-Adjustable Desk

It is believed that besides the expected comfort, height-adjustable desks will solve a lot of health problems. Diabetes, obesity, pain in the back and neck, cardiovascular diseases are a small part of them. Several studies have been conducted to check which of the supposed benefits are true. Let us have a closer look at the results to find out whether buying a height-adjustable desk is worth the effort.

Reducing the Pain in the Back

When you are sitting, your back takes an unnatural position. It results in the pain in the back. When you are standing though, your back has an opportunity to stay in its natural position. Thus, the pain caused by sitting can be really reduced.

Lowering the Risks of Weight Gain

It is believed that using a standing desk helps to burn calories and thus, lower weight and prevent obesity. Recent studies show that on average a person burns around 80 calories per hour when typing or watching TV. While standing, the calorie expenditures increase up to 88 calories per hour. This is too little to see an immediate effect. You might think that a gym would work better. For some people it does. Others though note that after the gym, they become extremely hungry and compensate for the calories lost while working out very fast. It happens because our body perceives an immediate calorie loss as an emergency and demands to compensate for the losses. You eat and again gain the weight.

If you belong to the second category of people, the gym will not work. You will get back your lost calories very fast. Thus, for you, using a standing desk can be the solution. In the long term, you can see the wished effect. Combine the use of a standing desk with moderate exercising to improve the results.

Such Desk Reduces Sugar Level in Blood

After every meal, an increase of sugar level in blood is expected. By some people it might be insignificant while others might feel it in the form of increased sleepiness. The last ones are under an increased risk to develop diabetes.

To decrease the sugar level in the blood to normal values, it is recommended to walk. Though in an office, it is not always possible. In such a case, a height-adjustable desk can help a lot. Stand instead of sitting, you can even make some exercises. There are some that are developed for doing them at a standing desk. It will help to normalize the sugar level and to prevent the development of diabetes.

reduce blood sugar

Increase in Productivity

This advantage is valid only if you use the such a desk properly. Standing too long might cause tiredness and pain in feet and back. These factors will definitely not increase productivity. Thus, somehow, you need to control how long you are standing and to have rest when needed. It happens though that work is so engaging that you notice the tiredness when it is already too late. It doesn’t increase productivity.

Some people recommend setting up timers to control the time of sitting and standing. This might help to control the time but again, for some people, it is distracting. Thus, this is also an arguable matter. Once you find the best way for you to use a height-adjustable desk, you might become significantly more efficient, indeed.

Use Your Desk Correctly

Some people become overexcited about getting a standing desk and start using it unreasonably. It will not bring the desired effect but rather on the contrary. Long standing periods, if you haven’t used to them, might result in the pain in feet and back and an increased feeling of tiredness. Thus, don’t switch to standing immediately, especially if you are not used to it. Start with small standing periods that interchange with sitting. It is recommended to stand for around 30 minutes and then, move back to a sitting position.

Don’t forget that a standing desk alone doesn’t bring a lot of improvement if it is not equipped properly. Getting an ergonomic carpet is needed to avoid pain in feet. An ergonomic mouse and keyboard will help you to avoid the feeling of tiredness and stiffness in wrists and fingers. The desk shall be adjustable so that the computer monitor and all the equipment were located properly. Also make sure that the lifts are of good quality and you can adjust the height of your desk effortlessly, better with a remote.

A height-adjustable desk is, like any tool, beneficial only if you use it correctly. Moreover, it does eliminate some discomfort but it cannot be used to cure medical conditions, such as scoliosis, for example. Also, like any tool, a height-adjustable desk is not the best option for everybody. There are people for whom working at a normal desk is more comfortable and healthier.


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