Steps In Choosing the Perfect Mattress

Choosing a mattress is often the last thing that comes to mind when setting up your bedroom but it shouldn’t be as there are so many reasons it should be considered one of the most important. There are practical, style and even medical considerations to take account of. Here are some steps you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect mattress for your situation.


Style of Your Bed

What style of bed do you have? This will influence what mattress looks best and even though it will be hidden under a sheet you can still see the size and shape of it. The style of mattress for a fancy four-poster type will differ from a small functional and basic duvan-style bed. For the former, a large, tall grand-looking mattress will look good and be expected whereas this style on a smaller bed may look a little ridiculous.


Size Matters

It’s the worst mistake you can make, thinking of beds in terms only of double and single, as there are so many variations in size and this can vary with country of origin and manufacturer. These vary with length and width and there are King, Queen, Emperor and more, some stores such as Ikea have their own sizing to confuse matters. It’s a good idea to check with a tape measure to avoid this issue as it’s a real pain to return an item as large as a mattress, and if it’s unpacked you might not be allowed to.


How Do You Sleep?

If you sleep in a certain way then some mattresses are more or less suitable for you. You could be looking for the best mattress for side sleepers or it could be more serious and you need a certain type due to a medical condition, in this regard, your doctor can advise.


What’s it Worth to You?

How much to spend on a mattress is a tricky question, you can spend anything from under $200, generally best to avoid these up to the $1.6 million Floating Bed which is a floating mattress on some sort of ingenious magnetic system. It’s maybe a bit overkill but you can’t deny it’s very cool and at that price, it pretty much has to be. It claims to be able to hold 1,500 lbs in weight so I guess it’s ‘sturdy’ enough. But back in the real world in terms of mattresses, you’re generally best to look to spend as much as you can comfortably afford as an average person can spend almost a third of your life in bed.


Duvet & Sheets


Finally, it’s good to make the whole thing look good as you’ve spent so much money on it but also to top it off, literally, with something comfortable. There’s no point getting a nice comfortable and supportive mattress and then topping it with the cheapest synthetic fabric you can find. Go for something natural, such as Egyptian cotton and in a color that compliments the rest of the room.

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