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Most of us feel happy when we are supposed to go to sleep. It is like a balm or medicine which heals you in many ways. It simply, charged your body in many ways.More and more sleep makes a person happier but a good quality sleep always make a person healthier. You can know your sleep time through sleep time calculator. Mainly sleep time is driven by our body’s internal clock system.

 a good quality sleep

But sometimes it can be affected and influenced by some extraneous external variables like sunlight, temperature, illumination, noise, etc. Our various psychological, cognitive functions like learning, memory, stamina, general health mood affected by sleep amount quality and quantity. Guidelines for sleep infants- 12-15 hours, school-age children-9- 11 hours, Teenagers-8-10 hours, Adults-7-89 hours. Researches have shown that it helps us in many ways like improves memory function, losing weight, reduces stress, reduces inflammation, makes a person alert.

What affects sleep?

Apart from external factors, there are many physical conditions like heart disease, depression, Parkinson’s, extreme stress, tension can effects sleep. There are many stages of sleep. Basically, it is an oscillation between rem and non-REM sleep. Sleep cycles pass through four stages – 1, 2, 3, rem stage it takes 90 to 110 minutes and last 5-15 minutes. There are lots of things which make our sleep better like increase bright light exposure during day time, do not consume caffeine late in the day, try to sleep and wake consistent time, take a melatonin supplement.

So, the good quality of sleep is very much essential for our body. Waking up with a headache every morning is a very common condition which causes discomfort, pain, waking up with a headache is an extreme problem which is very painful and affects all your movements. Brain headache is sometimes working as a signal when it tells you that other part of your body hurt but it can’t feel pain itself. It is happening in the person’s muscles, blood vessels, nerves, etc., there are different times of headache caused by many conditions; primary and secondary headache condition. Primary headache-primary headache includes blood vessels, muscles, nerves which are standalone illness caused directly by overactivity.

King Size Bed

Your night will be good when you choose the right mattress which will give you the best comfort and make you feel relax. Lack of sleep may lead to back pain, spondylitis, numbness, stiffness, neck pain, etc. Mattresses are made by considering the human body and there are ample variety of mattresses available in the market. There are many types of mattresses but it is important to know the right, mattresses for you.

width of a king size bed

Queen sized double sized mattresses are there but other famous types of mattresses are king size mattresses. It is best for the couple or for two people who like to stretch or spread their arms, and legs while sleeping. It has a touch of royalty that a single person also loves to sleep in this like a king. The dimension for these mattresses is 76 inches by 80 inches.  And the preferable room size would be   10-12 feet to up to 13feet unless you prioritize your comfort king size mattresses over anything else.

When it comes to choosing your mattresses you need to consider how many people are going to sleep on it? How big the bedroom is? How much area is left for walking around the room? Etc. These are the things you need to consider, and when it comes to choosing the Width of a king size bed frame with considering all your room aspects then you will surely select the royalty over anything.


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