Small space living ideas and essentials

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Home is not a place, but a feeling!

It is important that your home understands your feels and vibes, only then you will enjoy every corner of the house. While in a larger space it is easy to get your vibes too, in a small space, fitting everything can be a little difficult. Getting all your stuff right while making the place look homely is a big challenge, but what we forget is that we can always shop for small space essentials through Home Depot online coupons and enjoy the aesthetics while not drilling a hole in the pocket.

It doesn’t matter whether you are living in a studio apartment or in a tiny room. What matters is the effort you put in to make your home a happy and calm place to live. Do you wish to decorate your balcony with artificial grass, an attractive set of patio furniture, or do you want to decorate your wall with frames and wall hangings? Worry no more as we have some exciting small space living ideas and essentials which will come in handy while buying things for your space. The ideas are:

Practice minimalism: If you have a smaller space, one thing of utmost importance is not going over the top with what you buy. Try to keep the buying minimalistic and yet essential. Lesser stuff in your room will leave enough space for you to walk around and buy something later if you find an antique.

Apart from Minimalism, a lighter shade of color on your walls really helps in creating a positive and happy vibe in the house.

Multi-purpose things: Whenever you decide to visit any store for your home essentials, ensure that you buy multipurpose things for your space so that there is less cramping. Some examples of multi-purpose can be:

  1. If you are planning to buy a sofa, then the Ikea sofa cum bed which is a sofa during the day and can be converted into a bed during the night will sort the purpose. This will help you in saving space for another item and also add style to your living space.
  2. Similarly, a table which is also storage space is a great idea for keeping up with the trend, while not letting your things lying around in your living space.
  3. The container store by Ikea can also be used as your closet. Though not stylish like a custom closet, they are a great help if you have a smaller space and do not want to cramp up your space with a huge closet.

Use a larger mirror: Everyone needs a mirror in their space, so when you buy a mirror, ensure not to buy a smaller mirror. Mirrors create the illusion of a larger space, which is great for tricking your brain. Large mirrors help open up spaces, which works even better in rooms that have a monochromatic color palette. Of this mirror comes with storage space, well that can be a bonus for you.

Shoes on the door

Instead of buying a shoe rack or wasting storage space in some other compartment, opt for hanging your shoes on the door. You can buy Ikea’s shoe hanger and keep all your shoes in one place without wasting any space. In case you do not have many shoes, you can store sweaters and other clothes in the vacant slots. Get on the race to make your house look good and we’ll give you many such ideas to fulfill all your decor dreams.

Wall-mounted desk

If you are someone who likes to have a desk and chair in your apartment, then avoid the big chair and table instead choose the wall mounted desk available on Home Depot. A floating table frees up your floor space and when not in use, the table can just be folded and made really compact. SO now you can run your business, work from home, or study comfortably with a wall-mounted desk and a chair.

Utilize the corner

The corner is one place of the room which remains unutilized no matter how much you try. So, instead of stuffing a chair at the corner and piling it with clothes, you can also try a corner mounted rack. This corner rack will be perfect to hang your clothing items. You can also keep some important and beautiful piece of antique on the rack and show it off with pride.

Keep It Light and natural

Another trick to make your space look larger is to avoid using dark hues. Calm and even-toned rooms fool the eye, the room looks more spacious than it actually is. If you are worried that too many light colors may make your living space fall flat, then add some textures to your rooms with unique art pieces.

Moveable Storage

Instead of committing yourself to permanent fittings, opt for freestanding units that can be moved around. Ikea’s stackable crates are a brilliant storage space that can be shuffled and reconfigured based on your requirement and mood.

DIY your stuff

If you want to make your space look different and unique every now and then, buying new things every time can be very expensive so try to learn new DIY techniques for your living space which will save you space and money both.

It is incredible how much one can do in a limited space, but what we forget is that living space is not about the size, but about how you make the most of it. All you need is a touch of creativity and a smart buying technique from Home depot which offers amazing discounts and offers in all its home items. Before you know your small space will be the go-to place among your friends and talk of the town among your neighbors.

Live the life of your dreams with Less Space, more style.



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