Simple Ways To Cut Energy Costs In Your Home

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It might surprise you how easy it is to change simple habits to reduce the amount of energy your home needs to run smoothly. There are plenty of quick alterations you can make that will seamlessly blend into your everyday routine in order to reduce your energy bills. So don’t hesitate, start saving money on your energy bills right now with these simple tips.

Reduce Airflow

The easiest way for heat to escape your house in the winter is through gaps in the walls like the edges of window frames and under doors. You want to trap this air inside so the rooms heat faster and precious warm air isn’t wasted heating the garden. For a quick fix, cover immediate gaps with fabric such as a rolled up towel and close the close the curtains at night. You can even install a curtain over your door for an added layer of warmth.

You may consider a more energy efficient type of glass, such as double or even triple glazing, a reflective gel for summer or thermal panes for winter. These are more long term purchases but will save you money overall. Also, keep doors between rooms closed and set the thermostat on a timer so that the house is warmed only when you need it.

Get Off The Grid

This one starts with a larger starting investment, but installing renewable energy generators around your home can significantly reduce your energy bills. Plus, this is a green solution that takes care of the environment so your conscience can rest easy. There are a few different energy resources to consider.

Solar panels are perfect for sunny spots, especially where they can be installed on rooftops for that extra space saving feature. When it comes to solar Perth is a great example of a place that benefits from solar panels, but even more temperate places can benefit from solar panels too.

Wind power is an art, especially when it comes to choosing the right turbine and the best location. Energy is generated when the wind turns the windmill on the machine so this is the best solution for overcast and generally windy areas that don’t benefit as much from solar panels.

Like with any system, the skill is in learning how to maintain your new power source so start small, maybe with one solar panel, and figure out the hazards and best locations for it before you invest in more. Choosing your energy source is important, so research how to best make your own electricity. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you will even be able to share your wisdom with friends and get them interested in making their homes more efficient.

Insulate Key Areas in Your Home

Is your attic empty and windy or do you have insulation? When was the last time you examined the boiler shield? These key areas are common places that heat can escape and you can waste money heating the house poorly. If your boiler is leaking heat, a reflective blanket can also help redirect heat toward the water that flows to your radiators.

Efficient Electric Appliances

When you are not using an appliance, switch it off and, if you can, turn off the plug as well to save electricity. Swap power hungry light bulbs for energy saving ones and turn off light switches when you leave the room. Try to avoid turning on lights in the brightest part of the day or find some portable solar lights and charge them up by the window.

Install a clothesline to dry your laundry without a tumble dryer or, for space saving solutions, buy a laundry rack that either folds down or goes on the side of the radiator for easy storage. When washing your clothes, wait until the laundry hamper is full and put your clothes on a cold wash to save energy heating water. There are good laundry detergents that clean well in cold water washes.

So reducing your energy bill does not have to be a chore. It can start with small habits and as you get used to little changes, bigger ones will come more naturally. So think about what small change you can make to your home that will save you energy and protect your bank balance today!

Use the Mover’s Knowledge When Moving to a New Area

Energy costs are different in every location. So it might be an option to move to a location that has cheaper energy costs. For example, our movers in Ventura County will give you tips how to handle with your energy supplier when you’re moving.


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