5 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

when to replace kitchen faucet

The kitchen can serve as a vital focal point in one’s day to day routine. It is in the kitchen where we get creative while preparing delicious meals that bring rich memories. Cooking also comes with the task of cleaning up. The use of dishes, pots, and pans while cooking call for some cleanup. A faucet makes it possible to clean utensils and other dishes while in the kitchen. You also use the tap to fetch some water. You may notice that your faucet has some unusual issues. Here are five signs that you need to replace your kitchen faucet.

1) Faulty Or Outdated Parts

Some houses have been in existence for years. While remodeling, some contractors keep the old elements of the home. At times, when we are on a tight budget, we tend to overlook some issues to avoid spending more on them. Some faucets can be a couple of years old. Through time, they are bound to undergo wear and tear, which makes them faulty. You can check kitchenfaucets.reviews to get useful insights into the latest taps in the market. Replacing your faucet will give your kitchen a fresh look on top of the additional functionality.

2) Foul Smelling Water

Pipes rust over time. You may find that the tap water has some rusty smell and taste. You may even notice that the water has changed in taste. The water may be unsafe as the rusty materials can infiltrate the water.

3) Mold

When you notice mold forming near the faucet, it could indicate water leakage. Leaks cause lots of water wastage in a day. It is also harmful to the entire building. Water will damage wood and even concrete walls. It causes discoloration to the walls. To avert such issues, you should get another faucet. It would help if you also got a plumber to check out other plumbing issues that might need fixing.

4) Low Water

Sometimes, your drain may not let out enough water even if the tap is sufficiently turned on. With such an issue, the valve may be the problem. Hard water cause taps to corrode. The corrosion reduces the pipe diameter leading to small amounts of water coming out. That can be frustrating since you want to have enough water to clean your vegetables. When that happens, it is advisable to replace the piping to make everything run smoothly in the kitchen.

5) When The Tap Does Not Close Or Open

You may notice that a specific valve does not stop pouring water long after you have turned it off. That means that the tap is out of date and needs replacement. The tap may not stop spitting after a while. That implies that the valve is damaged and needs replacement. Leaving the tap on can waste lots of water. The money that goes to water bills could be put to better use. You also want your kitchen sink to be dry and clean throughout to maintain the right hygienic conditions.

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