Should You Redecorate Your Teen’s Room for the Holiday?

Are you trying to think of a gift for your teenager that doesn’t involve a pricey tech gadget? Most teenagers love to receive gifts such as the newest video game system, a high-tech laptop, or the latest smartphone. However, these devices can be expensive and not every teenager is ready for the responsibility of caring for pricey electronics.

Teenage girl on the bed in her room

But if not an electronic, then what? If you want to give your teenager a gift they’ll remember forever, you might be feeling stuck on trying to figure out what type of gift will impress them.

One option that might cross your mind is a room makeover. Is that really something a teenager would want, though?

Well, yes, it is—as long as they’ve asked for it or have expressed an interest in it. Most teenagers value the private sanctuary of their bedroom and may have it looking exactly how they want it. If they haven’t expressed a desire to have their room changed, it might not be the best holiday gift idea.

If they do want a change, however, redecorating their room is a great way to give them a gift that they’ll remember and value.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Think about the future

Whenever buying large pieces of furniture, such as a bed or a dresser, consider whether or not you’re going to allow your teen to take the furniture with them when they move out. Chances are, even if a loft bed sounds cool now, your teen isn’t going to appreciate it when they’re a young adult. Shop for furniture that they can grow into and that is made of high-quality materials. A good bedroom suite is something they can take with them to their first apartment.

Accent walls provide a fun focal point

Accent walls provide a focal point within a room and are a great way to capture your teen’s personality. Would your teen like to paint their room black or paint zebra stripes on their wall? Well, while you probably wouldn’t want to do something so bold throughout the entire room, there’s nothing wrong with going bold on one wall! Accent walls often work best with a neutral shade of grey or beige.

Add a personal touch

Ask your teen to select what they like to see in their room. It could be they have lots of friends photos that they want to accentuate or some crafts and canvases that they like. If painting the walls, choose colors that they wish to see in their room. Some colors might not work for you, but remember, this is not your room that you’re redecorating. Trends come and go, and interests do change, especially for teens. Therefore, when their goth or punk phases end, switch the paint to something in tune with their thoughts. If repainting the wall is too much for you, let the teenager select beddings or curtains that reflect their style.

Rugs add bold color

Bold colors and patterns also work well as accent pieces on the floor. Rugs not only cozy a floor up, but they’re also a great decorative item. If you’re not quite up for painting your teen’s wall their favorite shade of hot pink, consider a nice hot pink throw rug instead. Rugs are also a great way to add some extra texture—faux fur rugs are particularly nice for snuggling on during sleepovers.

Tuck clutter away in storage

Teens are still learning organizational techniques and might be prone to tossing unwanted items onto a desk or an end table. The items then stay there until your teen decides to clean (or until you force them to clean). To cut down on clutter, add more storage options, such as a shelving unit with bins or underbed storage bags. This gives your teen a place to store objects, other than on their desk. You could also consider adding additional storage into their closet.

Bedding is an inexpensive must-have

If you’re looking for a quick way to make a big impact, look no further than your teen’s bedding. Even if you don’t have enough budget to completely redo your teen’s room, changing up bedding is a fast way to give a room a new look. Find a comforter in your teen’s favorite color and pair it with fun patterned sheets. Or, find a fun patterned comforter that matches your teen’s personality! Check out to get started.

Use decor to capture personality

Finally, most teenagers are very into self-expression. Find little decor pieces to integrate throughout the room that capture your teenager’s personality and that can be easily switched out if your teen gets bored with them. For example, posters of their favorite band or photographs of their pet. Corkboards are a popular option because teens can add or take away from it; most teens will enjoy adding photos of their friends, pieces of artwork, movie tickets, and more to their board.

Need for space

Teenagers have a lot of things going on in their lives. They need a place to study, hang around with their schoolmates, or listen to some tunes. Even the smallest rooms should be able to accommodate accessories and tools that entertain your teens and their friends under your roof. So, consider their friends as well, and let them have a room they feel is theirs to do with as they please, but with some house rules to follow.

Final thoughts

A room makeover could be exactly the gift your teen needs this holiday season! Just make sure your teen actually wants a new look for their room. You wouldn’t want to spend money painting over a wall color that they’re already perfectly content with. The best teen rooms should reflect their personality, have enough storage for clutter, and comfortable to the occupant/s. It’s essential to receive input from the occupants and try to redecorate in accordance to their needs. The tumultuous teenage years are famous for their fragile friendships: you can only make it easier on your kid if they like what both of you have done to the room. Co-operation is critical at that stage in their life.

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