Shading Options for Your Yard and House in the Summer

Shading Option for Your Yard and House

Summer is the perfect weather for fun outdoor activities such as bonfires, beach days, and more. Although the summer sun is central to all of these fun times, there are cases when the heat is too much to handle and the UV rays are harmful to your skin. If you’re planning a backyard barbecue or a birthday party, you can install these shading choices in your area for non-stop fun.

   1. Pop-Up Canopies

Whether it’s an outdoor wedding or a luncheon, you can rely on these pop-up canopies for protection against all sorts of weather. It shields you and your family from the rain and provides shade and cover against the sun. These square or rectangular structures have outstretched fabric as its cover and sturdy vertical posts that act as its pillar. The good thing about these canopies is you don’t need an engineering degree to set them up. You just need to do a quick read on the user manual and you’re good to go.

   2. Retractable Awnings

Another viable option for shade and comfort are retractable awnings. This structure is gaining popularity because of its practical function. It’s convenient and provides instant access when you’re looking to have your house protected from the sun’s glare. What’s more, it can protect an adjoining room from overexposure to sunlight. However, the installation can be quite cumbersome, this is why the job is usually done by professional contractors such as

   3. Shade Sails

Have you seen sails that spread widely on a boat? You can install these and make it your next DIY project by purchasing the material of your choice, some poles, and other construction materials. Just make sure that the material can stretch over your area and that the poles you’ve installed are strong enough to withstand weather conditions like strong winds or hurricanes.

   4. Patio Umbrellas

The perfect pair to a stunning patio are patio umbrellas. These fancy umbrellas are wide enough to provide shade over an outdoor table, so you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about the sun’s UV rays. Other options available in the market are freestanding umbrellas, which you can place around in your backyard or those that can fit in the center of an outdoor table.

   5. Beach Chairs with Ready-Installed Umbrellas

Much similar to patio umbrellas, these beach chairs are perfect for natural tanning and sunbathing. However, unlike the former, they are pre-installed on the beach chairs and can only provide shade over a small area. As a word of caution, you need to move around to counter the sun’s rays, so this might be inconvenient if you plan to stay under the sun for an extended period.

   6. Arbors and Pergolas

This architectural feat looks classic and functional. Overshadowing you with stripes and a portion from the sun’s rays, having arbors and pergolas in your backyard will make your area look glamorous. Although it requires some carpentry skills or a professional contractor to get the job done, this structure is an investment worth having for the summer and rainy days ahead.

Shades provide protection and comfort against direct sunlight. Before choosing a shading option for your backyard, consider how you’d like the structure to be (especially if for long-term or short-term use), the level of financial resources you’re willing to spend, and if you have the skills to install it by yourself. When working on your shade, never forget to wear physical protection such as long-sleeve clothes and a hat, put on sunblock with a good SPF, and drink an adequate amount of water.

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