Sewing Machine Reviews

Brother PQ1500SL Review

Brother PQ1500SL review

What is the Brother PQ1500SL? This Brother product is a dual machine. The Brother PQ1500SL is a sewing machine that does projects like quilts, clothes, dolls, and other projects that are given away or sold to make a living. This Brother product is a high speed machine that dishes out …

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Brother PC420PRW Review

Brother PC420PRW review

Why Use The Brother PC420PRW Sewing has become a skill which has went by the wayside for many people, but if you have the proper equipment it is easy to sew all of your items and know you will be producing some of the high quality items you have come …

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Brother LS-2125 Review

Brother-LS2125 review

What is Brother LS-2125? The Brother LS-2125 is a lightweight and portable sewing machine that fits the needs of those wanting a basic style sewing machine. With a vertical bobbin case, loading the bobbin has never been easier. The machine is great for anyone who needs to do quick jobs …

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Brother LS2125I Review

Brother LS2125I review

The Brother LS2125I Sewing Machine This is the Brother LS2125I Sewing Machine, and there has only been good things said about it since it first arrived on the market. This particular sewing machine is a great start for beginners and experienced sewers as well. It’s very easy to use and …

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Brother ES2000 Review

Brother-ES2000 review

What is The Brother ES2000 ? The Brother ES2000 is a computerized sewing machine made by the critically acclaimed Brother sewing machine company. It has seventy-seven different stitch functions, as well as a quick and easy drop-in bobbin, automatic needles threading, and a thread cutter that is built in to …

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Brother CS6000i Review

Brother CS6000i review

What is the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine? The Brother CS6000i sewing machine is one of the best values on the market. Want a machine with dual LED lights and a wide table for quilting, look no further than this sewing machine? Sewing can be a great deal of fun, especially …

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Brother 2340CV Cover Stitch Review

Brother 2340CV review

What is the Brother 2340CV? The Brother 2340CV is a user friendly cover stitch machine that allows home-sewers to add professional touches to their handmade garments. This is not your average sewing machine. In fact, it was created to only perform chain stitching and cover hem stitching. Because of this, …

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