Sell Your House Fast With These Edmonton Landscaping Tips

The first thing a potential home buyer looks out for in a house that is put up for sale is the curb appeal. Many homeowners, however, always leave their outdoor landscaping in a neglected state. This single factor thus lowers the value of such house in the eyes of potential buyers. Studies have shown that a landscape that is properly maintained can increase the value of your home by 10 percent.

It is therefore advisable that you begin cleaning your home a month prior to putting it up for sale. This is because it will afford you enough time to get everything functioning well and makes the house sell faster.

Below are some of the Terra Nova Landscaping Edmonton to help sell your house quick and for a higher price.

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Outdoor Containers

Ensure you pay close attention to the containers that house the plants such as those that contain the large tropical plants. Also, do not leave out the plant containers sited in the patio and those near the doorways as these are entry or exits points for potential home buyers.


The application of a fresh layer of mulch to your garden bed will help to spruce up your building and its ken. Also, the color improves the contrast of its surrounding and makes it more attractive. You do not have to bother about its cost as mulch is not only cheap but easy in terms of application.

Trim Shrubs And Trees That Are Overgrown

It is advisable for you to ensure that trees and shrubs in your home are well trimmed regardless of the time of the year if you intend to get value on its sale. The reason for this is to show potential buyers that you place a high premium on maintenance.

If you do not have any knowledge on horticulture or ensure you get someone who can. Deciduous trees and shrubs should also be trimmed no matter what time of the year it is.


To improve the marketability of your home, ensure you inspect its irrigation system for any damage and fix them. Also ensure that adequate information is afforded the potential buyer about the irrigation system, especially when the system is automatic. Other information such as the system’s working principle and the watering schedule should be made available to the buyer.

Repair Of Leaks

Repairs in the building especially those in the faucet should be prioritized. Potential home buyers tend not to buy a house whose faucet is leaking. Also, ensure you run your irrigation system whenever you are showing a potential buyer your home. This will convey to them that it is in a good working condition. Do not also forget to water the plants thirty minutes prior to showing the buyer round your house.


This is an important idea if you want to use your landscaping as a bargaining chip to sell your house fast and at a high value. If you do not have a power- washer, consider renting one as its use on your paved surface will bring out the sparkle in it.

Grimy surfaces can also be revived using the equipment. Your fences, brick walls, as well as vinyl siding, can also be power-washed.

Labeling Of Plants

Labeling the plants in your garden will make them more recognizable to potential buyers who do not have previous knowledge of horticulture. An inventory of the plants present in your garden can be made to serve as a guide to potential buyers. This has been discovered to entice buyers as it makes it easier to research the growth needs of such plants.

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