Secrets to avoid being ripped by Local Furniture Stores

With the plethora of furniture options on the market, it can be hard to land a good deal on furniture. Flashy advertisements make you weary so is the thought that you may be paying more than you should. Below are the secrets from Designer Marketplace Furniture stores Minneapolis to help you avoid being ripped by local furniture stores.

1.     Window shop First

A salesperson at a furniture store will not tell you that they are desperate for you to make a sale. The truth is they get a commission on every sale they make. So, they will be in a rush to close that deal even when they know you are not getting value for money.

Walk around the store first checking out the different kind of furniture. Once you identify a few products you are likely to buy, compare their prices. Feel free to visit a competitor store and compare the prices there as well. You could get a better discount from the second store which is a win for you.

Take the salesperson’s word with a grain of salt. This does not mean there are no genuine furniture salespeople out there. If you are keen, you will tell who has your best interest at heart.


2.     Be Sure About Delivery

You also have to be sure that the furniture store will deliver the product on time. Most furniture stores have to order the furniture from a manufacturer and have it delivered to their depot. Once you buy a product, it may take a while for the furniture product to deliver it to your doorstep.

Let the local furniture give a time estimate for delivery. This is important especially if you urgently need the new furniture. If the furniture store cannot give an exact date, find out if they offer a cancellation policy.

Go with furniture stores that adhere to the mail order rule by the Federal Trade Commissions. It mandates the retailer to inform you of a delay in delivery. You also get the leeway to cancel the order because of late delivery.

3.     Do Not Accept Damaged Furniture

Furniture depreciates in value once they get damaged. Ensure the furniture you are buying is in mint condition at the store. The furniture should be intact when the store delivers it to your home as well.

If you notice signs of damage to the product, do not accept it. Request the furniture store to take it back for repair or replacement. You should also watch that the product does not get damaged when the delivery person installs it.

Measure your staircase, main door, and hallway before delivery of the product.  This should help you if the furniture will fit through your door or not. If it does not fit, do not allow the delivery person to force it through. This can result in damage to your furniture or your home as well.

Should the product get damaged during installation, do not accept it. It becomes harder to return it back once you do.

4.     Ensure Quality

Furniture experts advise consumers to inspect the product while at the store. Check the frame and joints of the furniture to ensure they are strong. If the product is wobbly, that is a sign of trouble. For upholstered furniture, check these seams to ensure they are uniform and consistent. If there are frays in the seam, avoid buying that product.

One other thing to check on upholstered furniture is if the fabric is durable and resistant to elements like fire. The upholstery would have a gold label to certify that the fabric is fire resistant.

You should also check what material the manufacturer used to make the furniture. Furniture made from solid wood tends to be pricy but withstand weather and other elements better. You may also opt for furniture made of fiberboard or wood composite and have a veneer finish. Such furniture looks presentable but is prone to damage. You will also have to wipe the veneer with a damp cloth regularly to prolong its shelf life.

How much you are willing to spend dictates the quality of furniture you get. Choose diligently.

5.     Choose A Better Payment Option

Furniture stores mark up the price of their products by a staggering percentage. Even though the price tag looks affordable, it is possible that the price is higher by a whopping 80%. This is why you should always haggle the price down.

Let the furniture store give a discount on the product to drive the price tag down. If the discount is already set, do not be afraid to negotiate the price further. Note that the furniture store will not budge right away. It can take hours even days before you get the discount you want. So be patient and assertive.

We all find ourselves in a position where we cannot pay for something immediately. If you like that leather 7-seater but no cash at hand to buy it, the local furniture store may offer a financing plan. One such plan is buying the furniture on credit through a lender.

The lender provides an interest-free loan to get the furniture immediately. This offer is only good if you are sure not to miss a month of payment. If you miss a payment, the penalty for missing a payment can be a 20% interest hike. This can be detrimental to your finances in the long-run.

It is better if you pay for furniture in cash. If you cannot pay immediately, save up for your dream furniture. The investment is worth it if you have no debt to worry about in the future.


Buying new furniture should be a process you enjoy. The last thing you should be thinking about is whether the local store is ripping you off. The above tips should cushion you against any rip-off and ensure you get value for money. Go online and seek advice from furniture experts before making a final decision.



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