Safety Considerations Before Operating Your Ride On Mower

Safety Considerations Before Operating Your Ride On Mower

It is a must to apply safety precautions before operating Ride On Mowers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s you operating the ride on mower or the gardener.  Creating a safe working environment applies to everyone.  It is therefore important that you purchase a mower that is in a good safe condition and if it requires some miscellaneous attachments to be operated safely, please make sure you have them all.

Let’s now take a look at how we can make sure that we are completely safe while using a ride on mower.

Ways To Operate the Mower Safely:

Anyone operating a ride on mower must be a trained professional otherwise you will be working in a high-risk environment and you will be at a greater risk of serious injury. In addition to being competent and trained, make sure you have access to all required safety attachments in place.

Before operating a ride on mower it is recommended to check the following:

  • The rollover protective systems or ROPS are essential for some ride on mowers. Check your machine properly and make sure it is fitted with ROPS, where recommended.
  • Do not operate any ride on mower that is intended to be used with ROPS and you’ve identified that the ROPS is not fitted.
  • Make sure the ride on mower has standard seat belt assemblies and make sure that you wear your seat belt at all times when operating the mower.
  • Another important fail safe aspect on a ride on mower is the Operator Presence Control System. It is an automatic system that makes sure to shut off the blade when the operator dismounts the machine or moves off the seat. Also, this control system, if installed with interlocks does not allow the mower engine to start if the blades are engaged.
  • You should be completely sure that if the mower is installed with ROPS and an Operator Presence Control System, they are both in safe working condition. A periodic check is a must for safe operation and proper safe use of the mower. All the connections must be in the desired place along with the seat belt. Riding without seat belts is not recommended as it can be very dangerous.
  • After making sure the mower is fit to use you also need to consider the surroundings.
  • Make sure that the slope or inclination is as per the specified standards for operating a the ride on mower. Do not operate on a slope that is greater than that specified by the manufacturer.
  • Never leave a ride on mower switched on and unattended on a slope. You should not leave the key in the ride on mower when it is positioned near slopes. It may get switched on accidentally and the result may be hazardous.
  • You need to be extra careful while operating the ride on mower in areas adjacent to bodies of water. If you feel you do not have a safe operating zone switch to using a string trimmer or push mower. Avoid riding mowers adjacent to such places.


Safety should be the first priority while you operate a ride on mower. You must consider all important safety considerations including ensuring the machine is safe to use, has been maintained on a regular basis, have all attachments fitted, received proper training for operating the ride on mower and your surroundings. Do not operate in any condition that is not fit for ride on mowers otherwise it might create a significant risk to your health and safety.

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