Roof Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Roof in Tip-Top Shape

roof maintenance tips keep roof in good condition

Every homeowner knows how important is it to keep their roof in tip-top shape. Roof just like every other part of the house including but not limited to kitchen and windows, is an essential element of the house and it is quite essential to keep the essential elements of your house safe and neat. However, for some homeowners, it may get expensive to hire professionals such as those mentioned above, and normally, people do not want to spend all of their money on just one essential element of the house. Therefore, in order to keep your roof in tip-top shape as well as save you some money, here are some of the best roof maintenance tips that will definitely keep your roof in tip-top shape:

  1. Snow removal is quite essential

One of the most important tips that can keep your roof in tip-top shape is that you have remove snow from roof before your roof gets damaged beyond repair. Of course, this tip is for those people who live in an area that gets heavy snowfall. Always remember that snow is quite heavy and excess of it sitting on your roof can severely damage your roof. Furthermore, the thawing of the snow can also damage the tiles of your roof when the spring thaw arrives.

  1. Replace damaged roofing tiles and shingles

Many homeowners think that it is okay to keep damaged roofing tiles and shingles or even it is okay keep the roof with missing shingles or roofing tiles. However, contrary to the belief, not replacing damaged roofing tiles and shingles can severely damage your roof as well. As a homeowner, it is your duty to make sure that every essential element of your house looks great and is in tip-top shape. In order to achieve that, you will have to make sure that you replace all the damaged roofing tiles and shingles. Therefore, it may be advisable to keep a few extra of them, just in case.

  1. Clean the gutters on the roof

Another important tip is to keep your gutter clean. The purpose of the gutters on the roof is to keep the rain water away from the roof and the roofing tiles. If the gutters do not work properly, allowing the rain water to back up under your roof. You are allowing rain water to cause a lot of damage to your roof, which is not wise. Therefore, it is quite essential to make sure that the gutters on the roof are clean and work properly. It may be wise to clean them every once a week.

  1. Clean all the debris

Always remember that it is quite essential to clean all sorts of debris from your roof including but not limited to leaves, dirt, pine needles, etc. Not cleaning the debris on your roof can allow mold and mildew to grow on your roof that, again, can cause a lot of damage to your roof. It is wise to clean your roof every once or twice a year.

  1. Inspect your roof

Last but the most important tip to keep your roof in tip-top shape is to inspect your roof every once in a while. It is quite essential to check your roof to ensure that there is no missing or broken tiles, or any debris that can damage your roof.


Your roof maintenance should include the following actions as well!

Roof maintenance referrers to periodical inspecting all the vulnerable areas on your roof that could have a problem. You should run a detailed maintenance plan for your roof and stick to it to expand its durability.

Your roof maintenance should include the following actions as well!

Check the pipe boots for wear and cracks

Cracked pipe boots represent one of the leading causes of roof leaks. In the winter, when the temperatures go low, a neoprene (synthetic rubber) gasket around a plumbing vent stack has a high risk of cracking and creating an area for water intrusion.

Look for animal intrusion

The attic in your home is the ideal house for many small animals. Their cute little faces won’t make for the fact that they can cause severe damage to your roof and the entire house. They can cause leaks, chew electrical wiring, and generate a biohazard with the waste. You should inspect your attic and get rid of them until they nest and cause a house infestation.

See if there’s missing caulking and flashings

Caulking is crucial to keep the exposed nail heads on roof penetration flanges (the exposed area on shingles’ top) tight. It’s also essential to maintain metal flashing in brick walls and chimneys extremely tight.

Examine ventilation

You need to look at the ventilation and make sure that turbines and fans are correctly operating. Also, there should not be any obstructions in the ridge vents.

If condensation isn’t vented out of the attic, it will cause damage by dissolving the adhesive in the decking. The damage continues with delamination of the layers and weakening of the nails’ abilities to hold. The risk of shingle blow-offs increases and you might even have to deal with decking replacement as well.

Examine the chimney

Hire a chimney sweep with certification for the Chimney Sweep Institute of America (CSIA). If you burn wood, it’s crucial to have the chimney professionally inspected every year.

What are the benefits of roof maintenance?

Without a doubt, roof maintenance goes a long way towards the durable health of your roof. Just because the roofers did a great job installing the roof doesn’t mean you can skip maintenance. If you still wonder about the importance of roof maintenance, listing the main benefits will help you get a complete understanding. Keep reading to find out more.

What are the benefits of roof maintenance

It reduces the risk of future problems

Roof maintenance is essential to prevent problems. Even a small problem can turn into severe damage if not addressed on time. It can only take six months for a minor issue to become a severe problem.

For instance, a crack in the pipe boot has easy and affordable fixing. However, you don’t catch the problem in its beginning and you can spend up to $500 to repair the ceiling damaged by the cracked pipe.

It’s the same if you have critters in the attic. You need to get rid of them and remove all the biohazard waste they leave behind—it can be costly! With regular roof maintenance, you/professionals will find the problems in their early stages. Additionally, you can avoid many expensive repairs, especially if professional roofers maintain your roof.

It expands the lifespan of the roof

Even something as basic as annual maintenance can help your roof last longer than anticipated. If you have an asphalt roof, it should last for at least 25 years. With regular care, the roof can last for longer.

The professionals can hand you a report with details about your roof’s condition and expected life span. Your roof needs regular maintenance the same way your car needs oil.

It gives you peace of mind

Having a roof over your head has meant a lot more than we can imagine. With regular maintenance, the contractor signals you any problems or gives your roof a clean bill of health. Even if your roof requires repair work, you can at least handle it now before it becomes too severe.

Once the maintenance inspection is over, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in order or that the roofers will solve any issues shortly. Next time a big storm hits, you won’t have to worry about your safety.

It protects other features of your home

Your roof protects the entire house from damage. Water leaks from the roof can easily damage ceiling materials, insulation, walls, and floors. With regular assessment, you can identify unseen and difficult-to-spot problems with your roof. We care to remind you that some work on your home can cause minor damage to your roof (AC installation is one). Regular maintenance will help you spot any impairment in the roofing shingles and other elements of the roof.

You get the most out of the roof investment

We cannot stress enough the importance of roof maintenance. It’s the essential way to make the most of your roof investment. Even if you pay for roof maintenance, it will still be cheaper than any roof repairs or replacement.

Even if roof maintenance is essential for expanding the lifespan of your roof, there are other things you need to take care of to get the most out of it.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a roofing service cost?

Typically, you might spend around $150 to $1,500 for a minor repair and anywhere between $1,500 and $7,000 for a major repair. The national average for roof maintenance is $950. The materials required for the job, the complexity, the scale of the repair, and whether you need to hire professionals or not will impact the final cost of the roof maintenance.

How often does a roof require maintenance?

The type of roof, age of the roof, and materials used are the main factors that affect the frequency of roof maintenance. Annual, biannual, and even quarterly maintenance are recommended for some roofs. Either way, taking care of a roof is crucial for its durability and life span.

Can you use the pressure washer on your roof?

You should never aim the pressure washer up the roof, as it can push water under the shingles. Spraying water under shingles can tear off the shingles and make water under them and then inside the house. Avoid using the pressure washer to clean your roof to make sure you don’t cause damage.

Why do roofs become dirty?

Your roof has constant exposure to the elements. Moisture, weather, and falling debris can cause the black streaks on your roof, with blue-green algae as the most common cause for the spots. Despite the whimsical feel, you never want to have algae on your roof and you should remove it from its early beginning. Algae thrive in humid environments, which the roof is. Additionally, algae spread quickly and can blow from one roof to another.

Should you hire a professional for roof maintenance?

Clearing the roof and gutters of debris and inspecting the roof doesn’t seem like complex jobs. Professional roofers have a different opinion, though. In theory, anyone can clean a roof with some cleaning materials and essential tools. However, only professionals can identify issues, spot the damage, and make sure all the cleaning/maintenance service is safe from beginning to end.

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