Robotic Vacuums vs Regular Vacuums

Robotic Vacuums vs Regular Vacuums

Out of all of the household chores, vacuuming is possibly the most tedious and thankless task out of all of them. If you find yourself constantly running around after your kids and pets with your upright, you may be considering changing out to a robotic one so it can then do all the chasing. Before you commit to making the switch there may be a few things that you need to consider first. Here we look at robotic vacuum’s vs regular vacuums.


The first thing that is a major difference is how much space you need to store one. Robotic vacuum cleaners are far smaller than their traditional counter parts, so you won’t need the entire cupboard under the stairs anymore.

Robotic Vacuums Will Get Stuck

When you vacuum with a traditional, if it gets stuck, you are on hand to pull it out from whatever position you have wedged it in. If you are setting and forgetting your robotic vacuum, you may come home disappointed to find out that it has become wedged in a part of your home that you didn’t realise was an issue. Sometimes they do manage to find their way out, but more often than not once they are stuck, that is it until you can come and rescue them.

Robotic Vacuums Do Require Maintenance

It’s easy to think that if it can scoot around your floor by itself, it can do everything else by itself too. This isn’t the case and the robotic vacuum may need more maintenance than your traditional upright. This is because their dust and debris bags are far smaller than their traditional counterparts, so you will be emptying more frequently.

Robotic Vacuums Are Just As Loud As Traditional Vacuums

When we use our traditional vacuum, we’re prepared for the noise it is going to make. We know that when we hit the on button we’re no longer going to hear the radio or the TV, but that’s fine because we are prepared for that. When it comes to a robotic vacuum, you would have thought it would be quieter than it is, but in actual fact it seems louder due to the fact that you aren’t pushing it around. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you had the idea of setting it before you went to bed to wake up to lovely clean and fresh carpets, you won’t get that. You’re more than likely going to hear it banging into walls and doors whilst it scoots round your house cleaning for you.


Robotic vacuum cleaners are battery operated so they need to charge regularly. Most brands come with a homing base that you will need to plug in so that the vacuum can dock itself once the cleaning is done. It is a nice idea to hide it away, but in reality you need to place it where the vacuum can easily find it and dock. The harder the base is to access the harder it will be for the robot to charge itself. You can get battery powered traditional vacuums now and the more widely available they become, the better the battery technology becomes. If you don’t like the idea of leaving the charging to change, or don’t have faith that the robotic vacuum will be able to dock in your home, then maybe a traditional vacuum is the one for you.

Which Robotic Vacuum Is Best?

When it comes to robotic vacuums, they aren’t all created equal. It is no secret that robotic vacuums aren’t cheap, but Roomba have a model that is well priced and comes with some really solid features. Roomba are a well-established brand and market leader when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners and for good reason. Here we’ll guide you regarding Roomba 805 what’s considered one of best one.

The Roomba 805

The Roomba 805 is their mid-tier model at the lower end of the price range, don’t let that deter you though. Just because its towards the lower end of their range, doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. The Roomba 805 is really good for people with pets, it excels at picking up large amounts of pet hair from both carpets and wooden flooring. The 805 is a reliable model and a great starting point if you are unsure if a robotic vacuum will work for you. It doesn’t come with the wireless connectivity that higher priced models come with, but there is a big disparity between the prices. If you are concerned about not being able to spot clean, don’t be. You can put the Roomba 805 down where you need it to be and hit the spot clean button and it’ll leave the surface as clean as it comes. Learn more about the Roomba 805.

Which Vacuum Is Best?

It all comes down to your personal preference. Some people love the idea of setting and forgetting their robotic vacuums, others would rather do the chore themselves. One thing to bear in mind when you are using a robotic vacuum is that you will need to do a pre vacuum tidy before you set it off. If you don’t have a quick run around, you may find that your robotic vacuum has tried to eat charging cables and socks.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to mid-range robotic vacuums the Roomba 805 is an excellent entry model if you aren’t sure that you want to get rid of your traditional vacuum cleaner. Between robotic and traditional vacuums there is no tangible difference in noise output, it really does just come down to preference. Don’t be deterred if you don’t get along with your robotic vacuum right away, they can take a while to learn their surroundings. You will need to place the base in an easy to reach location to make sure the robotic vacuum can dock and charge itself. Robotic vacuums are excellent when you don’t like vacuuming, but it does take time for it to get used to your home.

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