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Introduce More Natural Light into the Home

well lit windows on corner living room

Natural light is a desirable feature of any home, especially in the winter during those grey, dreary days. Artificial light is okay in a pinch, but it doesn’t have the look, feel, and actual serotonin boost that real, authentic sunlight gives us. Plus, it’s free! With so many benefits to …

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Why Planning a Renovation in the Winter is a Good Idea

home in winter

After the whirlwind of the holidays finally dies down, most people are ready to relax for the next few months. The last thing they’re thinking about doing is renovating their house, but it may be something worth entertaining. Let’s look at the reasons why taking on upgrades during the winter …

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Should you replace your windows?

prefessionals replacing window

Windows are crucial for keeping your home safe and away from the elements. That being said, at some point they can break, they can get damaged or they don’t really deliver the value and efficiency that you might want. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to focus …

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5 Common Challenges to Managing A DIY Project

going diy

Hiring a professional technician is a challenging experience for many people. The first challenge is finding a trustworthy expert. For example, is he charging a fair price for his services? The second one is finding someone reliable. In this case, you would look at his credentials and his level of …

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How to Install Amtico Flooring – A Step by Step Guide

How to Install Amtico Flooring

The installation of Amtico Wooden Flooring is not difficult. The process is quite similar to that of any other quality tile flooring. To install the flooring effectively pre-preparation plays an important role. To lay an efficient and strong flooring, the base flooring should be done properly. You must get the …

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Questions To Ask A Home Builder Before Hiring One

contractors agreement

Remodeling or building your home is exciting. It gives you the opportunity to redesign it according to what you like. However, if it is not done professionally, the quality of your home may suffer. Therefore, it is better to consult professionals. If you plan to contract a home builder, here …

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How To Save Money Whilst Renovating Your Interior

home renovation with hardwood floor

Renovating your home can be an expensive job and this usually leads to many households updating one room at a time. However there are many simple ways of reducing the overall cost of your renovation that will also allow you to finish the job a lot quicker. If you are …

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