Reasons To Consider Window Replacement

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With the passage of time, you need to get your windows replaced. Just as in the case of your roof shingles or household appliances, you need to pay attention to the replacement of your windows. The question is, when will you know it’s time to get your windows replaced? If the windows of your house are more than 15 years old, you should get them checked to make sure they’re working correctly.

If you are having trouble closing or opening your windows, or having difficulty in cleaning them properly, its time to consider getting your windows replaced. If you regularly find moisture on the interiors of your windows, or you feel a light wind when you stand near your windows, you have found the answer to your question. It is indeed time to think about replacing your windows.

Here are some reasons to help convince you about replacing your windows as soon as you can.

1.   Better Use of Energy Efficiency

Some homes have windows that are constructed with single glass panes. The issue with these windows is that they are not able to shut properly and tightly, thus resulting in the windows to freeze shut or open. With cooling and heating costs rising day by day, it is more energy efficient to replace the drafty, aging windows with tight-fitting, efficient ones. You will save around 10 to 25% every year on your cooling and heating costs.

2.   Reduces Noise

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In the case where your house is located near a busy street, school, childcare center or the airport, the noise level will surely be quite high in your home. If you decide to replace your windows with either a laminated or a dual-pane glass, you will notice the drastic reduction of the outside noise being transmitted into your house. You will now be able to hear yourself think.

3.   Shields Your Belongings

Harmful ultraviolet rays passing through your patio doors and windows can start to fade the artwork, window treatments, carpet, and furniture in your house. There are some materials, particularly those with organic materials, which are more vulnerable to fading if exposed to the sunlight. If you upgrade your windows with energy efficient products, you can reduce the fading of your belongings and extend their lifespan. Most replacements of windows are obtainable with glass that shields about 95% of the ultraviolet sunrays.

4.   You Are Able To Clean Your Windows More Easily

Some double – hung windows require you to clean them from the outside. Nowadays, the new style double-hung windows come with tilt-in sash forms. This way you can clean the exterior glass simply by tilting the sash inwardly.

5.   You And The Safety Of Your Family Is Ensured

There is a certain level of danger you and your family might be at risk of in case you all are not able to open or close the windows properly. In case of a fire, or in case someone gets his or her fingers stuck, you and your family will be in serious danger.  Make window replacement a priority of yours if it is high time you need to have them changed.


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