6 Questions to Ask While Hiring Plumbers for Your Home

Questions to Ask Plumbers to hire

Plumbing issues can arise in your home unannounced. For most homeowners, a plumbing issue is like an emergency, and they want to get it resolved immediately.

Artarmon is a suburb in Sydney in New South Wales, with an estimated population of 9,523. There are hundreds of residential plumbers in Sydney, including Artarmon, but not all plumbers are the same. Hence, selecting the right plumber Artarmon can be a daunting task.

Asking some critical questions is the best way to gather information and determine whether the plumber is suitable for your home or not. Here are six questions to ask before hiring plumbers for your home.

  1. Ask the Plumber Whether He Is Licensed?

The plumber you plan to hire should have the correct type of trade certificate. NSW laws require plumbers to have proper licenses to do any services like plumbing, gas fitting, or draining work. There are different types of permits like contractor license, qualified supervisor certificate, endorsed contractor license, and tradesperson certificate. The tradesperson certificate is available in plumbing, water plumbing (fire protection systems), draining, and gas fitting.

  1. Ask the Plumber Whether He Has Any Insurance?

If any accident happens, you will have to bear the costs. So, NSW laws require businesses to have liability insurance. But insurance requirements vary with business sectors. For example, experts mention that plumbers employed and self-employed must have public liability insurance, which protects their clients from any accidental damage while carrying out work. You should never hire a plumber who does not have insurance.

  1. Do They Offer any Guarantee for Their Work?

Recent census data indicates that Artarmon has approximately 4062 private dwellings, and the average number of people per household is 2.5. Plumbing industry experts state that plumbing repair and installation services come with a guarantee, and it is a standard industry practice. Most plumbing contractors offer free replacement or repairs to any problems linked to the initial issue. The free service is provided for a minimum of 30 days after the service is provided.

  1. What Are Your Hours of Operation?

Before hiring a plumber in Artarmon, you should ask about the operation hours and choose a plumber who also offers emergency services. Some plumbers provide 24×7 services, while others offer service for fixed hours. While you may not need it, it is always good to ask whether you can call the plumber any time day/night during an emergency.

When asking for after-hour services, don’t forget to ask about the charges for after-work-hours services.

  1. Can You Provide a Breakdown of Service Charges?

There is no way to know the charges of two plumbers unless you have a breakdown of service charges. Most plumbers present a soft quote on the phone. However, the actual repair costs can be higher. When the plumber visits the home for an initial inspection, ask whether the final quote includes material plus labour charges.

  1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

It always makes sense to consult an experienced plumber. To begin with, you can start looking for plumbers with 10+ years of experience. The more experience the plumber has, the faster he will be able to complete the plumbing job without sacrificing quality.

It would be best to ask these questions while hiring a plumber for any plumbing, gas fitting, or drainage work in your home.

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