Questions to Ask Before Calling Pros for Garden Rubbish Removal    

garden rubbish removal

Gardening can be a highly relaxing and fun activity that you can do alone or with your friends and family. It does involve a lot of work and care, but the feeling of seeing those buds grow makes it worth the effort.

But before you start your gardening, you have to clean out the previous season’s rubbish, which can be quite a problem, especially when you don’t have adequate green waste bins and don’t want to sort through all the waste manually.

Before deciding on the garden rubbish removal service for you, it’s important to ask the contenders several questions that can factor into your decision of which service to hire.

Time Taken to Get the Waste Cleared

When you start to realise your backyard waste may be a bigger problem than you initially thought it would be and decide to take the help of a waste removal service, you’d naturally want them to be quick and prompt about their work.

Most waste removal services arrive at your door within a few hours of you speaking with them, and they can have the waste picked up quickly as well. If they are experienced, it only makes it that much quicker and efficient for you.

The Affordability of the Service

While you may be pretty impatient to get all that rubbish out of your yard, you don’t necessarily want to be paying a premium price for a tedious but regular job. Most services will first assess your site and provide you with a quote based on the level of garden rubbish that has been accumulated.

In most cases, waste removal services offer competitive prices, which makes it easier on your wallet.

However, if you still feel as though the price is a bit high, you always have the liberty of saying no. The benefit of this is that when you don’t have a significant amount of waste, your quote price will reflect that, so you never pay more than necessary.

Waste Removal Destination

Even though the mess is quite literally out of your hands at this point, many people still feel concerned about where the waste is going to end up. As more environment-friendly practices are being adopted nationally, it’s only natural you’d want your waste to be properly disposed of too.

Today, many garden rubbish removal services try their best to partner with companies that recycle or turn your waste into new products.

They ensure that your waste is adequately sorted and sent to the appropriate recycling centers rather than being dumped in landfills.

Ensure your waste doesn’t become an environmental hassle by asking your removal service ahead of time what they plan to do with the waste.

Questions to Ask Before Calling Pros for Garden Rubbish Removal

Save Yourself the Hassle by Hiring Pros

While you can dispose of garden waste yourself, you quite often lack the time and means to get rid of too much waste at once.

Professionals not only get the job done quicker, but their experience in waste management allows them to dispose of the waste properly. Their affordability and commitment to being sustainable also make it easier for you to hire and trust them with your garden waste.

Prevent your green waste from becoming an eyesore in your yard and a hindrance to your gardening activities by hiring a professional removal service to take care of it for you.

Why should you hire professionals for garden rubbish removal?

Hiring a professional company to remove garden waste is a wise decision when you want your garden to be as clean as your house. Read about the many benefits of such service:

It helps you have an appealing and healthy garden

Removing garden waste takes time and professionals can do it for you a lot faster than you could. You don’t want to leave the garden waste on the lawn for too long as it can make the grass underneath die. The muddy patches that will appear will look unattractive and affect the health of your property too.

Removing debris and dead leaves regularly will eliminate the spaces to hide for insects and pests. They can alter the growth of new plants in the spring. Additionally, garden waste is a thriving environment for fungal spores that affect plant’s health. Professionals will remove blackened stems, drying leaves, rotting vegetables, and dead tree branches that make the perfect environment for plant diseases and insect eggs.

Organic matter begins to decay very quickly, which causes a foul smell and attracts insects. Moreover, garden waste ruins the garden’s appearance and stops you from using it to the fullest. When garden waste is removed, junk that can harm or injure people is also removed. We talk about broken and sharp pieces of wood, nails, rusted recipients, etc. Don’t forget that rodents like to hide in cluttered gardens.

A professional garden rubbish removal company will come and provide you with the best solutions for your garden. They will work around your schedule and come whenever is best for you as well.

It saves you time, energy, and money

Should you have a large amount of garden waste at home, hiring a company is the best decision to make. You might discover that it’s difficult to load the skip on your own. Additionally, the company may refuse heavy tools, machinery, or greenhouse you want to remove. More often than not, you will have to make several trips to the recycling center with the skip. A skip may not give you a total return on the investment because you will most likely pay the cost of a full load even if the skip isn’t full.

You won’t deal with such issues with a professional garden clearance company. Reliable companies will only charge you the volume of garden waste that they remove. Plus, they will handle the whole operation from beginning to end. It saves you a great time, energy, and money, and you get an excellent return on the investment.

Efficient recycling of the garden waste

Eco-friendly garden clearance companies will commit to conserving the environment. Improper incineration of garden waste can cause environmental contamination and release greenhouse gases. You shouldn’t burn the trimmed branches and bushes, but hire professionals that know how to recycle and produce manure or compost.

Professionals have the appropriate equipment

An experienced company has the proper tools and equipment to carry out the garden rubbish effectively. Shears, rakes, and various specialized tools are necessary to trim overgrown branches and hedges. Should you embark on the mission of landscaping work, you will be surprised by the amount of garden waste you will end up with. The more voluminous and heavier the waste is, the more challenging it will be to remove it on your own.

Reliable waste removal companies have insured vans and trucks to carry garden rubbish of any scale, landscape waste, metal sheds, old garden furniture, topsoil, and log cabins.

Professionals can remove any garden waste

A reliable garden waste company provides clients with various end-to-end rubbish removal services. They are experts in removing garden waste and organic matter such as soil, grass cuttings, branches, tree roots, dead leaves, and non-organic rubbish. A full-service garden waste removal company is the best option if you need to remove old sheds, garden furniture, fence, tiles, concrete, glass panes, electrical machinery, etc. Some electrical parts, harsh chemicals, and fertilizers cannot be thrown away in landfills; specialized handling is needed. Moreover, a reliable company will dispose of it safely and responsibly and recycle almost 90% of their collection.

Professionals carry insurance

Garden rubbish removal isn’t as easy as it sounds. When you use shears, rakes, and other sharp garden tools, the risk for injuries is never null. You might have to use heavy equipment such as garden furniture, machinery, and ladders—they can all cause injuries when not safely handled. Reliable garden waste removal companies are fully insured. Should anyone gets hurt or something gets damaged throughout the removal process, the company will cover the spending with the insurance.

What else can you do with the garden rubbish?

If hiring a company to remove the garden rubbish doesn’t sound like a solution for you, you might consider the alternatives.

Questions to Ask Before Calling Pros for Garden Rubbish Removal

Rent a roll-off dumpster

You can call and plan a drop-off time and location that work for you. You fill the container with all the garden waste while working in the garden. The best part about this service is that you don’t need to be home for pickup or delivery. Plus, you can keep the dumpster on-site for as long as you need.

Keep in mind that you need to load the yard waste into the dumpster on your own. In some areas, large stumps are forbidden in the dumpster.

Check out the local trash collection service

The weekly municipal trash service is another method to remove the garden rubbish. You need to check out your town’s regulations about the accepted debris types and ways to handle them.

This method is excellent for small amounts of debris and doesn’t require much work on your part. However, the service isn’t available everywhere, and you have to package the waste accordingly. Additionally, the removal time depends on the city’s schedule.

Burn the garden rubbish

Burning the garden waste is a fast way to remove landscaping debris, but only if it’s legal and safe in your area. You have to burn the garden waste in a contained fire pit at least 150ft away from your neighbors and 50ft from your home. Make sure you don’t do it on a windy day and have a hose within reach just in case.

You won’t put much effort into this method, but you have to check out the local regulations first. There’s always a risk of losing control over the fire, so take all safety cautions first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you pay for garden waste removal?

The amount of garden rubbish you want to remove and the disposal method you will use affect the cost. Typically, clearing the garden rubbish is almost $300; it’s the price for three pickup truck loads, sticks, grass clippings, and leaves. The number of trips necessary to remove the garden waste will also impact the final cost for the service.

A 20 yards dumpster rental is $447, which is more than double the amount of garden waste hauling, respectively, six pickup truck loads of debris.

Do you have to bag the garden waste?

If you plan to take the garden waste to the local recycling center, you should use solid and long-lasting bags. Make sure not to overfill it so that you don’t risk tearing. Once you empty the bag, you can take it home and use it next time.

What can you do with garden waste?

Garden waste that is recycled is turned into a highly nutrient soil conditioner. The soil conditioner is helpful in many projects, such as land reclamation, agriculture, and multipurpose composting ingredients.

Is garden waste always organic waste?

Organic waste is aerobically treated with mechanized composters to produce organic manure. Shredded garden waste and food waster are also added to the organic waste converter. Another method is vermicomposting, where earthworms turn vegetables and/or food waste into compost.

What’s considered to be garden waste?

Almost everything that is wasted in your garden can be recycled. Flowers, bark, grass and hedge cuttings, plants, small branches, weeds, twigs, and leaves can become garden waste.

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