Pros and Cons of Using a Man-with-a-Van Company

Home relocation is one of the most hectic procedures that a family goes through as there are plenty of things that require being done before the family can settle into their new home. Among the preparations, one also needs to find a good removal company that has reliable services to ensure the process will be smooth. One of the signs used removal companies is a man with a van. They have proven countless times that they have the best removal services and have well-experienced staffs. But even if this company is used in most cities all over America, it is crucial to note that they also have their drawbacks.


Here are Pros and Cons of using a man with a van company.


Reliability and Excellent Services

Although there are different removal companies available, only a few can be trusted in their services. But a man with a van has been recommended in most cases, primarily by people who have worked with them before. This is because the company has skilled employees and has the best removal vehicles too.

Fair Charging Rates

Even if this company is applauded for their high-quality services, rest assured that you will not spend all your savings to pay for their removal services. They offer pocket- friendly prices which are even lower than in other upcoming removal companies. But, the rate may increase if you make many trips to your new area. So, be careful when arranging your things from the current home to ensure you make fewer trips if possible. Some ways that you can use to minimise your items include; tossing away the items that you no longer use, or give them away for donation.

They Are Not Biased

Man with a van is not selective when it comes to the number of items that they can deliver for their customers. This means that even if you only want one piece shifted to a new place, the company will provide you with a van for this service. So, don’t hesitate to call them for delivery services even if your items cannot fill a full trailer.


Some of the advantages that one may experience for working with a man with a van include:

They Do Not Ensure their Customers

One drawback that most customers have complained about is the fact that this company does not ensure their customers. Therefore, if your items get damaged while their vehicles are transporting them, they do not pay for the damages. That is the reason why they usually advise their customers to pack their items properly.

Per Hour Charges Are Quite Expensive

Some customers prefer to hire this removal company for hourly services. Well, if you are relocating to a nearby place, this arrangement can work for you, but if the new home or office is located in another city, it is advisable that you find another company or choose another plan such as the charge per trip. The hourly costs are quite high as opposed to charges per trip.

It is essential that you completely understand and know what to expect when working with different removal companies. So, if you are planning on hiring a man with a van company for relocation services, the above pros and cons will assist you in figuring out if the company is reliable or not.

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