Productive Ways to De-clutter Your Home

decluttered living room

The minimalistic lifestyle is becoming more popular these days, especially in urban areas. Maybe people living in tiny condos have less space to store stuff they don’t really use, or maybe living amid less clutter genuinely encourages greater feelings of serenity.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to live with less, here are some steps you can take to help you get rid of what you no longer need, and to do so as productively as possible.

Sell Your Old Valuables

Do you have an old jewellery box containing valuables you never actually use? Maybe you have a ring or necklace from an old boyfriend or girlfriend that you can’t even bear to look at! The best way to get the most cash for your gold is to visit a real gold buyer, not a second-rate shop and definitely not a pawn shop. Some gold buyers also buy other luxury items, like jewels, high-end watches, or even designer bags by brands like Hermes or Chanel.

You want to consult a dealer who has a reputation for giving fair appraisals, and they are often the ones who have been in the same neighbourhood for years. Look for gold buyers whose businesses have been handed down through generations of family. This is a sign that they’re trustworthy and reputable. Of all the things you could part with in your home while de-cluttering, gold is the most important to maximize the amount of cash you get.

The Internet is a Marketplace

When selling other more general items in your home, you don’t need to see a specialist to make sure you get the best price — just sell it to the highest bidder. Gold and jewels obviously hold value, but somewhere in the world is a person who will pay money for what you might otherwise throw away.

Sometimes old things you haven’t thought about in years turn out to be rare, and are worth a considerable amount. Do you have the original Nintendo in the original box, or some old games? Maybe some old baseball cards, movie posters, or comic books?

While it’s nice to make cash, there are also people who could really use what you may no longer need. Maybe a library or school could use some good books, or maybe the nearby Salvation Army could use your old kitchenware or clothing. Consider donating to groups who distribute things to where they are needed.

Sometimes, you may end up changing a life. For example, there are organizations that accept gently-used suits and business clothing and give them to people who can’t afford to purchase clothing for job interviews or work attire. Be socially minded when you de-clutter, and distribute what you’re getting rid of in a way that helps the people around you.

Whether your move towards a more ascetic lifestyle is inspired by a minimalist Zen aesthetic or you simply don’t have enough physical space in your home, remember these tips and offload your old belongings in the most productive way possible.

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