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The Problems Of The Landlords And The Way To Deal With Them

Many people show interest in investing in real estate or constructing new properties to earn by renting it out, but they often decide against it because of the problems affecting the relationship between landlords and tenants.

The tenants have to face several problems with the landlords when they rent some space, but this is a two-way situation. The landlords are not always the ones creating issues; sometimes it is the other way round. Finding good tenants is as difficult as finding a good apartment catering all your needs. Despite following all the rules and regulations and undergoing all the formalities, landlords still have to certain issues. Thankfully, you can go to http://tpmbuilders.com.au/, one of the best places to find help for construction and dealing with issues related to tenants.

Here we are discussing some of the problems that landlords encounter:


  • Nonpayment Of Rent

Nonpayment or delayed payment of the rent is the most common problem that the landlords have to encounter. Some tenant refuses to pay rent and some delayed it for no apparent reason. This issue is a continuous headache for landlords. They have to do several visits to the tenants and continuously ask them to get their rent paid.


Usually, there is an agreement that is signed by the tenants at the time of the lease. They are bound to pay their rents by a certain date as mentioned in the agreement, but some tenants ignored it completely and failed to pay their rent for months. To resolve this issue, you have to issue a notice to your tenants asking for payment or for vacating the space. If they pay you afterward, it’s good for both of you but if they kept on ignoring your final option is a legal action. Issue your tenants a legal notice for leaving your space and let the state law dealing with them if they still don’t respond. Try to get your matter resolved before the final legal action for it will cost you a good sum of money to deal with the case legally and to hire a lawyer.

  • Violation Of Lease

Violation of lease agreement is another common problem of the landlords. Some tenants are real troublemakers and often intentionally and sometimes unintentionally violate the terms of using the space. They either create issues for the neighborhood with their actions or make changes in the property without the permission of the landlord. In some cases, parts of the rental unit are also damaged by the tenants.


To deal with the issue, your lease agreement plays a vital role. If all the terms and conditions are clearly stated in the agreement along with the consequences, the tenants have to bear in case of violation you are on the safer side. In the first place, issue two or three notifications to the tenants at certain intervals notifying them about the violation of the agreement with proper references. If they fail to respond take these notices along with the agreement for legal action. If you have fulfilled all the legal requirements, you are most likely to get the court verdict in your favor.

  • Threat To Neighborhood

Trouble making tenants are not only difficult for you to handle but they are also problematic for the neighborhood. They trouble other people of the area by their actions. Either they don’t play their civic role responsibly or perform actions that are against the societal norms. The landlord has to listen to the complaints now and then due to their tenants. Some tenants are also involved in unethical and illegal activities and become a threat to the neighborhood.

In these situations, you have to ask for the legal assistance and have to get your space free from such people. The residents of the area can also lodge a legal complaint against such tenants and help you in getting rid of them.

Renting your property can generate good revenue for you but becoming a landlord is not easy. It is a tiring task, and you have to deal with many issues if you get a bad tenant. You can save yourself from losing your property by making strict lease agreement and follow it without any leniency.

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