Preparing a Property to Rent Out

One of the keys to turning a profit on your rental property is to keep that property full. The longer it stands empty, the more you stand to lose. The temptation is to get renters into it so quickly that you do nothing more than a basic check of the utilities before signing off. But there are some important reasons to always do a thorough check of the plumbing every time you get a new renter.


Why you need to keep up the plumbing

Plumbing problems have the potential to create some of the most serious issues between tenants and landlords. Ignoring them can also get you in trouble with the law. Worst of all, if you don’t know about a plumbing issue and it because serious, you could face costly repairs and a lot of down time while your property sits empty.

Legal issues

Both federal law and North Carolina law require landlords to keep their property in good condition for renters and makes them responsible to pay for damages caused by any failure to keep the property in good repair. It is illegal to put any provision into the lease asking tenants to waive these rights. Even if a tenant signs such a waiver, it would be invalidated in a legal battle.

Renter issues

There is a wealth of free landlord software available that allows you to carefully screen tenants, automate background checks, and get online applications. Don’t go to all the work to get just the right tenant only to lose them over a serious plumbing problem.

Property damage

The average call to a plumber in America is only $300. The average cost of repairing and cleaning up water damage is over $2,500. The best way to avoid this kind of repair cost, as well as the expense of having the property empty while you fix things, is to keep up with maintenance and do regular checks.

What to check in your plumbing


Your first step should be to hire a plumber in Gastonia NC to check over the property. Here are some of the things you should be sure to have them check out.

Look into the garbage disposal

When garbage disposals have a problem the consequences can be serious. If food has not been ground up properly, or if a previous tenant put items they shouldn’t down the garbage disposal, it can easily cause a serious clog.

Run the drains

Make sure all the drains are running properly. If you notice any slow draining, this could be a localized problem with that drain, but it could also be a much larger problem with the septic system or the sewer line. If all the drains are slow, don’t wait to get it taken care of.

Do a toilet check

Toilets are one of the most crucial basic necessities in any property. It always pays to make sure that toilets are working properly so you don’t get an emergency call late from a panicked renter and have to pay for after-hours plumbing repair.

Check all the taps

Even if you only have a very small drip, the cost in water can really add up over time. This could leave you with a very dissatisfied renter stuck with high water bills and even a potential suit to get you to pay. Even worse, small leaks can lead to huge water damage issues that aren’t always immediately apparent. You could be stuck repairing walls or flooring at enormous cost.

It always pays to make sure that plumbing issues are taken care of on your rental property. Rather than wait till a tenant raises an issue, get ahead of the problem by keeping up with maintenance and then doing a thorough check between tenants.


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