Pest Control For Home Sellers and Buyers

Keeping pests at bay is important all the time; they can be more than just a nuisance, or leave an unsightly mess; pests can actually damage the infrastructure of your home.

The result can even be a home that can’t be lived in! This will make selling your home much more difficult. Even if the pest problem is minor, you’re likely to put off many potential buyers. Even the ones who remain interested are likely to ask for a price reduction in case the problem is much worse than it appears.

In fact, many buyers will want you to have detailed reports and potentially supply certificates to show that the pest issue has been eradicated.

For a smooth selling and purchasing process, it is much simpler to have dealt with any pest issues before the viewings start.

Here are some of the signs that buyers and sellers should be aware of:

Earth Tunnels

If there is earth surrounding the house and small tunnels in it then you potentially have a termite problem. As termites will east the wood in your home this can be a serious issue. You’ll need a pest control firm to inspect the tunnels and the wood nearby to see if there has been an issue and whether there is still any termite activity.

A quick test is to cover some of the tunnels, if they are re-opened or new ones appear next to them, then you have active termites. The question then s simply how bad the infestation is?

Clean It!

A clean house sells much better than a dirty one but it also ensures that you spot any signs of pests, specifically mice droppings. These are especially common if the house has been closed up. Mice can survive happily on the smallest of crumbs and a little water.

Keeping the house clean will ensure you’re aware of any issues and can take the appropriate measures. Buyers may want to open some cupboards and verify that the mice have not found a way in. Although a mouse is unlikely to harm a human, they can damage the electrics in the home and their droppings can carry disease; that’s not something that is going to appeal to a buyer.


Flies are annoying and can carry over 60 different diseases, some of these will make your seriously ill, others can be fatal.

It’s best to have fly screens and an electric zapper to prevent the flies from getting comfortable.

Regular Inspection

Perhaps the most important part of the pest control is simply having regular inspections. If you have a pest control firm in once or twice a year to inspect the property, and can show this to any potential buyers, then you’re much less likely to have a pest issue.

This will give the buyer and the seller peace of mind and help a smooth sale process.


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