Cheap ideas to decorate and not struggle in the attempt

Do you want to liven up your new home by looking after your pocket? With a little imagination and creativity, you can bring a touch of personality to your home or apartment. Renovating old objects and furniture can be the perfect option to get unique and original spaces without having …

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Historic Plaster Repair in NYC – European Artisanship

If you live in a home or work in an office building with historic plaster as part of the architecture, you know how necessary the upkeep is. The only way to maintain the appearance of these vintage properties is with quality plaster restoration services. Taking care of historic plaster repair …

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4 Energy Saving Myths To Know About (Cheap Epc)

Energy efficiency benefits a home in a lot of ways. Most importantly it allows you to keep the electricity bills under control without compromising the comfort of your home. Everyone wants their house to be the coziest place in the whole world but if you cannot afford its comfort and …

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What Are The Important Terms To Consider For Your Boiler Cover?

Boilers can sometimes become costly to maintain especially when your house or commercial premises have older boilers that are prone to frequent breakdown. You can never predict when your boiler can have a sudden problem or break down resulting in you losing peace of mind. That’s where a good boiler …

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How To Customize The Lighting In Recreational Businesses?

subtle lighting in stairs

Recreational businesses offer patrons a wonderful atmosphere regarding interiors, ambient lighting, mood-setting music, and superior creature comforts. Ideally, the whole concept is to appeal to the sensory experiences of patrons. This makes it necessary to ensure that the lighting is spot on in recreational businesses. From the lighting in the …

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House Staging Tips for Home Sellers

Staging a home is an important part of the marketing process. Potential buyers form an opinion about your home within the first 10 seconds of viewing hence you should seek to create a great first impression. We have noted that well staged spaces increase buyer interest in our Seattle craftsman …

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Moving in a New Home. What’s to Buy?

new empty home with boxes and hardwood floor

After all the struggle of finding the right new home, you may realize that the keys are the only thing you have in your brand new home. When you’re getting a rental or you get a house with some (or even most) furniture, the situation is a lot easier, but …

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7 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners to Buy on Black Friday 2019

vacuum cleaning with joy

Vacuum cleaning has to be the most hated of all household chores. It’s noisy, backbreaking, and takes forever. It’s not surprising then that the robot vacuum cleaner industry is making huge inroads in the appliance market. Robot vacuums are small and unobtrusive, they’re easy to store, they’re relatively quiet, and …

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Winter Is Coming! Is Your Home Ready for It?

winterizing the home

There’s no better time to get ready for winter than now. As the leaves are falling down, you should start preparing for the most wonderful time of the year. After all, installing some storm windows in 20 degrees weather is no picnic and it’s better to be safe than sorry. …

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