Nail Gun Safety and Benefits: Expertly Explained

As we know a lot of professional and non-professional peoples are using different nail guns for their projects. Do all the people know about nail gun safety and benefits? Probably not, that’s why we wrote about safety, security, and benefits in our best framing nailer reviews and buying guide.

The unintentional firing of nail guns has been one of the leading occupational hazards in many construction sites and even from some homes of DIYers. While this power tool is heavily favored for its accuracy and efficiency, and not to mention practicality – statistical reports have shown that thousands of individuals have been rushed to emergency rooms all over the globe due to negligence or improper use.

In the US alone 37,000 have been reported to have suffered from nail gun injury. The degree of seriousness ranges from mild to severe – even death. Aside from the US, other harrowing stories such as an interior designer in Dubai losing his eyesight and partly his limbs due to a freak nail gun accident have also contributed to its reputation as a leading cause of injury for many DIYers, carpenters and construction workers.

Even horror movies have entered the fray, depicting this power tool as a weapon of choice for some antagonists or ghouls to maim their victims.

how to use nail gun safely

While it is true that nail guns are dangerous and can even be fatal for the untrained user or professional carpenter, nail guns remain sought after due to their countless benefits. Of course, one should never forget to follow the right safety measure – not only to appreciate this tool fully but also to protect oneself from harm.

For example, always make sure that you have the proper protective gear before using the nail gun. Some of these are readily available in hardware stores such as safety goggles, gloves, safety shoes and hard hats to protect one’s head from ricocheting sharp objects.

For those who plan to purchase or even upgrade their tools, some helpful reminders are needed to ensure safety. These measures are not only useful for DIYers, but also for professional workers in constructions sites.

Nail Gun Safety & Benefits You Should Know

Undergo Proper Training

No matter how well- versed you are in using nail guns, continuously upgrading your knowledge on adequately handling this power tool is essential. Proper training involves the following:

  • Knowing how to use the nail gun.
  • Understanding the disparity between triggers.
  • How to use protective equipment right way.
  • Identifying types of injuries.
  • What to do when an injury occurs.

benefits of using nail gun

The Advantage Of Using Full Sequential Trigger

While this power tool, such as the Contact Trigger, is at times preferred by professionals as it can rapidly drive the nails, this particular model tends to bounce once it contacts the surface and when the fingers are on the trigger, thus causing the nail at times to fly off.

The Full Sequential Trigger may not be as rapid, but unintentional discharge is minimized as it does not easily fire upon contact.

Ensuring Workplace Procedures

Establishing procedures especially in construction sites reduces the risk of accidents. Having guidelines, especially when strictly enforced and followed is key in protecting the worker (and DIYER) from harm. Examples of procedures include:

  • Checking the nail gun and power source before using. Likewise, remove the plug from the power source when not in use.
  • Refrain from using malfunctioning guns. Ensure that the nail gun has been adequately fixed before operating.
  • Refrain from peeling off the safety labels.
  • Refrain from removing the manufacturer’s safety measures and contact springs
  • Use your dominant hand when operating the nail gun.
  • Ensure that your hand is from a safe distance, approximately 12 inches away from the nailing point.
  • Disconnect the compressed air when climbing or going down the ladder or before handing over the nail gun to a colleague.
  • Don’t point the nail gun towards your body.
  • Check the surface (such as wood) where you are going to drive the nail. Assessing ensures that the nails are driven smoothly and without difficulty.
  • Clear the workspaces from obstacles that can make you lose your balance.
  • Children should not be allowed in workspaces or if it can’t be avoided, then store the nail gun where it would be difficult for kids to reach or find.
  • Use a hammer instead of the surface is too difficult to reach.

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Provide Tips On How To Clear Jams

At times accidents occur when removing a jammed nail gun. While it is essential to resolve the jamming issue, ensure that the following procedures are followed:

  • Wear a glove, goggles and hard hat when clearing the nail gun. Never use your bare fingers!
  • Make sure that the nail gun is not plugged or make sure that it is removed from the power source.
  • Keep the barrel away from your body.
  • Find out if there is a lever that can clear the jam.

first aid tips

Ensure Proper First Aid Kit & Medical Treatment

Although this is a standard procedure, always be reminded that even the slightest bruise needs utmost attention. A readily available medical treatment is likewise vital as some injuries caused by nail guns can inflict significant damage. Thus it is essential to respond when accidents occur immediately.

Although the above measures could potentially turn off people, performance wise, nail guns remain a top choice among many newbies and seasoned DIYers and, professional carpenters. The benefits outweigh the cost. While regular hammers have their strengths, for those who prefer speed and efficiency, hammers just do not cut it. As much as possible, people would instead invest in tools that will not make their work look amateurish.

Here are some of the highlights of why owning a nail gun is a good investment:

  • Unlike hammers wherein, you need to hit the head of the nail twice or thrice, with nail guns you need to press the trigger once, and it immediately drives the nail to its desired position. It’s fast and accurate.
  • Accidents, as mentioned, do happen if the user fails to follow the necessary safety measures. Still, nail guns are even better when it comes to protecting your fingers as the user does not need to hold the nail, unlike with manual hammers.
  • Related to the previous bullet, placing tons of nails on the tool belt is no longer needed as the nail gun has a built-in magazine that can store more several nails. All carpenters and DIYers need to do is to reload the magazine and start their work – without the hassle of bending to scoop up nails from the nail bucket.
  • Let’s face it; time is of the essence even for gung-ho DIYers. Thus, nail guns are the better alternative as they can drive several nails in less time – compared to hammers that require several swings to embed the nail.
  • Since nail guns are more accurate and efficient due to the consistency that the tool brings, naturally the output is of better quality. Moreover, no time wasted as nail guns can finish the task faster.
  • Lastly, using nail guns eliminates the possibility of not hitting the target as the gun will drive the nail to the exact spot or tip where it is angled.

Final Words

Throughout the entire article, we tried to give a detailed idea about nail gun safety and benefits. As the very cozy home is all about your home based products, we thought we could share our experience on using different nail guns so that you can make your home more beautiful and can safe for your family as well.

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