Must-have Roller Blinds for the Australian Climate

roller shades for the australian sun

Whether you are a part of the northern section of Australia that experiences humid and hot summers or a part of the southern section of the country that experiences mild and cooler summers; there is no denying that the Australian climate can be harsh.

Harsh elements brought about by the climate can lead to raised temperatures in the home, leading to discomfort. Fortunately, roller blinds provide a solution to this problem.

If you have experienced distress during summer and would like to do something about it, then below are must-have roller blinds for the Australian climate.

Blockout Roller Blinds

If you prioritise privacy over everything, then a blockout roller blind could be the best choice for you. This is because a blockout roller blind is made up of fabric that offers room darkening, a perfect choice for areas in the house that need privacy such as bedrooms.

The fabric of a blockout roller can darken a room because it prevents light from penetrating. However, there is still an option for light control because there are gaps around the blinds that could help some light to come inside your room.

Sunscreen Rollers

According to an article by the Skin Cancer Foundation, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation or UV rays brought about by sunlight is a significant risk for skin cancer. Fortunately, sunscreen rollers can prevent prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Sunscreen rollers are known to block up to 90% of UV rays, a truly remarkable feature for a roller blind that is perfect for health buffs. A sunscreen roller also allows the ideal level of heat and light control that is appropriate to install in your living room.

Another advantage of sunscreen rollers is that they are much safer compared to typical rollers because they have antimicrobial treatment. This feature prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, which leads to a cleaner and safer healthy environment for your home.

Light Filter Rollers

If you are a big fan of aesthetics and design, then a light filter roller could be the roller blind for you. This is because a light filter roller produces silhouettes as sunlight filters through the blinds, it would be perfect in living rooms because of the stylish designs and the shadows it will cast.

Light filter rollers are made up of translucent fabrics that protect you from harsh sunlight while still giving you privacy. This means that aside from the living room, it can also be used for your bedroom.

Supplement Accessories

The roller blinds are already a thing of beauty that serves their purpose, but if you want to take an extra step further you might want to consider supplement accessories to make them look better, which include the following:

  1. Bottom Rail Shapes. For the bottom rail of the blinds, you can either select a base rail that is rectangular in shape or an oval base rail.
  2. Pull Options. Your pull options to adjust the blinds include tucks head, tassels, crochet rings, and metal rings.

The rollers blinds mentioned above, are, without a doubt, the best blinds in the market today that are must-haves for homes experiencing harsh elements from the Australian climate. You can never go wrong by selecting any of them, so why not get yours today?

Frequently Asked Questions About Roller Blinds

Living in Australia is beautiful and challenging at the same time. Anyone born in Australia will agree that the only thing to predict about it is that you can never predict the weather.

With Australia being the driest continent on Earth, the climate is erratic, to say the least. Going from one extreme to another is common, so years of drought are followed by impressive floods that don’t surprise any Aussie.

Finding comfort in your home in Australia is a challenge, mainly because of the particularities of the climate. Do you get roller blinds for cooling or roller blinds that allow some light inside? Needless to say, you will need some guidance before buying your roller blinds, and the next FAQs are nothing but helpful.

1.      Are roller blinds a wise investment?

Roller blinds are very easy to operate, but also highly versatile, working in almost any room in your house. They allow you to block light or use light according to your particular needs.

2.      Why do people go so much for roller blinds?

The roller blinds are both affordable and efficient, working for residential, businesses, and commercial applications. They’re not as expensive as the vertical, roman, or Venetian blinds, but manage to be just as efficient when it comes to blocking the sunlight.

3.      Are roller blinds easy to operate?

The straightforward use is another reason for which roller blinds are popular. Unlike the other types of shades, the roller blinds are simple to operate. The name is a tale-teller, and you only need to roll up/down the blinds, according to the amount of light you want to block.

Commonly, the roller blinds are mounted on recesses inside windows, and you can add curtains or drapes for a more appealing appearance.

The roller blinds are highly versatile and can be used for any room. They’re an excellent choice for windows with narrow depth or rooms with equipment sensitive to sun/heat.

4.      Is it challenging to select the roller blinds?

There are numerous materials and designs for roller blinds, which can be both a blessing and a burden. One inexperienced customer may feel overwhelmed with the possibilities, but it’s great that you have so many options.

When you’re trying to block heat and glare from the sun, the roller blinds with reflective aluminum are efficient. Even if they’re not as cheap as other options, they’re great for houses in Australia, protecting the furniture inside.

5.      How important is the material of the roller blinds?

The material used for the roller blinds is essential, but the translucent fabric is dependable as it lets some light pass through it.

When you plan only to filter some of the glare and heat, but also enjoy the natural light for illuminating the room, the translucent fabric is a reliable choice. Should you focus on blocking out the sunlight, you need to look for blackout roller blinds with insulation.

6.      Should you also consider the location of the roller blinds?

It’s a definite “yes” when selecting the roller blinds. For instance, colorful and durable fabric is a better choice for kitchen or dining areas.

The variety of materials is generous, and you should always select according to your needs and likings.

7.      What are the differences between single and double roller blinds?

Once again, the name is a tale-teller. The single roller blinds are made with just one layer of fabric, whereas the double roller blinds feature two separate layers for more versatility.

More often than not, you will use a double roller blind for including a translucent shade that allows some light and a blackout shade too.

The best part about the double roller blinds is that you may increase/lower one of the layers so that you can have the amount of light you want. You may use them for both day and night, and the slim profile is a great benefit too. On top of everything else, the double roller blinds come with different colors and patterns, checking the aesthetic box also.

8.      What are positive aspects when using block out roller blinds?

The block out shades will block almost all light coming in. When you’re trying to sleep in the middle of the day, it’s challenging to do it with a sunny room in Australia. Darkening the room whenever you want or need is excellent. Let’s not forget the intimacy you obtain when using block out rollerblades.

Besides, block out roller shades will also add insulation, stopping the dangerous UV rays. They can warm the room on a cold day, and cool it on a hot summer day. They help you use the AC or heater less, which can only reduce the energy bill.

Don’t forget that fewer UV rays can also lower the risk of furniture fading.

It’s possible to bond various fabrics for a more textured and attractive appearance, which makes the roller blinds better at blocking light and increasing the intimacy, without sacrificing the aesthetics.

9.      Are the translucent roller blinds a reliable choice in Australia?

Sometimes, you only want to block some of the light and enjoy some privacy, so translucent blinds will work just fine. Translucent fabrics are excellent when used together with block out blinds. They’re made of sheer fabric and come in numerous colors or textures. When you look mostly for the aesthetics, while enjoying some light, the translucent blinds should be your no.1 choice.

10. Are the sunscreen roller blinds mandatory in Australia?

You should always keep some light, and the filtered sunscreen fabric from the roller blinds is reliable. The sunscreen blinds give you some intimacy while allowing light inside your house.

Sunscreen roller blinds let light inside, but also provide insulation as they block 80-97% of the UV rays. The sunscreen fabric is typically treated with antimicrobials so that unwanted molds or mildew from damp don’t grow.

11. Should you also mount some sheer roller blinds?

The sheer fabrics will let plenty of natural light insides the house while filtering through the textured and decorative materials. They give a room a warm feel, and the aesthetics are fundamental.

Even if the sheer blinds don’t provide complete intimacy, they do keep neighbor’s eyes away from your home.

12. Are there many types of materials used?

You may select materials that have vertical stripes, helping a room look higher. When you aim to boost the decorations, you can choose materials with contrasting fibers. It would help if you matched the roller blinds on different windows or in various rooms so that you get a sense of the whole in your home.

When you live in sunny Australia, you know that the materials should be resistant to fading caused to UV rays. Look for materials that are non-flammable and fire-retardant too. Materials that are resistant to bacteria, dust, and mold growth are also a reliable choice. Just like with anything else around the house, documents that don’t stain easily and are easy to clean are excellent, especially if there are lots of kids running around the house or if the application is commercial.

13. What’s the best method for measuring the roller blinds?

The first thing you need to do is to select between an inside mount (on the interior of the window frame) or an outside mount (it fits over the window frame). It all depends on how you want to cover to appear and the functionality you want in the roller shade.

When you’re hiring the professionals, you don’t need to worry about measurements- they’re going to do it for you. Should you be determined to do it on your own, you always need to measure twice and only cut once.

14. Can you install roller blinds anywhere?

Most of the time, roller blinds are slim enough for mounting on most windows. You can fit them inside or outside the window frame, according to your specific needs. If you want to install block out shades, the outside recess is the better option.

As long as it makes sense and it’s possible, you can install roller blades wherever you want in your home.

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