Top 5 Modern Wall Art Ideas To Transform Your Home

bold modern wall art in red and gray

Wall art is available in such a diverse variety that choosing the right art for your home can seem a bit tricky. However, if your end goal is to create a modern home interior appeal, you will be able to narrow down your selection of choices significantly. To further help you choose the right wall art, we have listed the top five modern wall art ideas that are currently trending in interior design.

Modern Art For Animal Lovers

Modern art for pet lovers is a fantastic idea to decorate your home with a few details that will showcase your love for your animals. You have the option of simplistic yet bold line art, colour block prints, and various others. The simplicity of these artworks ensures that decorating around them is relatively straightforward as the wall art pieces won’t demand all the attention. You can find a variety of modern animal wall art at

animal art

Large Abstract Canvas Paintings

Abstract canvas paintings remain the most vibrant and modern choices to opt for. What’s more, tons of online tutorials will even help you create your own abstract artworks and save a small fortune in the process. You will also be able to choose your favourite colours to compliment your existing modern decor. You could also consider abstract art prints in frames if block canvases don’t appeal to you all that much.

abstract canvass painting

An Accent Wallpaper Wall

Modern interior design elements suggest that you should use decor sparingly to avoid a cluttered finish. With that said, it’s not the best idea to hand painting and wall art on every wall in your home as you want each piece to have an impact without overwhelming the finished look. So if you have already chosen a few artworks for your home, you could consider creating an accent wall in your home with wallpaper. You can consider modern geometric patterns or even plain textured wallpaper with an embossed design for an elegant look. You could even use floral wallpaper designs in rooms such as the bedroom. Although, when opting for detailed prints, you should play down the vibrance by choosing monotone colour palette.

wallpaper accent wall

Mirrors With Bold Frames

Mirrors are not considered art, although if you choose mirrors in bold frames, they can be used as modern wall art that can essentially tie a room together. There are tons of frame designs out there to choose from, so the options are endless, although you should focus on frames that are striking yet simplistic. Larger border frames are also best.

large mirror in bedroom

Pattern Canvas Prints

A large canvas that showcases a geometric print design can have a massive impact on the overall interior of any home. You could consider geometric block designs, 3D patterns, and various others. However, it is key to opt for a large canvas print for this modern wall art idea to ensure it has a notable impact. You can place canvas pattern prints just about anywhere in your home as well.

pattern canvas prints



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