Measures to prevent your house from flooding

We all love warmer weather and greener environment but along with all this, spring is one of the seasons that can result in very heavy rains and storms. These heavy rains can later result in violent floods which can cause a lot of damage to your homes and also there can be a lot of loss to the property. Therefore, you should take some preventive measures in order to safeguard your house from costly damage.

Evaluate the flooding risk:

Before protecting your house from flood damage, it is important to identify the risk that is associated with the flood in the region and especially in your house. After getting a proper idea of how much damage a flood can cause in your house, you can take better series of action. Proper preparations can then be done and you can then renovate your house like installing a flood control system and also applying different variety sealants to any of the cracks.

There are various flood maps available that can give you an idea of the risk in your area. The zone markings help in identifying the risk of flood in particular region. After the zone is identified, then you have to identify the home’s flood level. This will identify the height at which the water of flood can rise at times of flood. In order to be reasonably protected from the damages caused by flood, the home should be built ideally above the flood level.

You should be able to notice the flow of water whether it will flow towards the home or away from the home. Also, it is important to identify whether there are any specific windows or doors where water can pool. In this way, you can identify the flooding risks and get to know if any specific areas need some technique of dry proofing. Water damage restoration service in Orlando can help to provide these dry-proofing techniques

Protection of house against flooding

Once the task of risk assessment has been completed, next important step is to take all the required steps that are required to flood-proof the entire home properly. The basic tasks accomplished in flood-proofing include home renovations, maintenance of the home etc. Orlando water damage services can work on all the basic flood proofing requirements. The steps taken will entirely depend upon the risk involved in your home and how well the condition of the home is to bear with the flood.

Various flood proofing renovations to safeguard the home

Water damage restoration in Orlando is not a new thing. Therefore, if you have a house in the area that is frequently prone to floods then it is required to have some flood-proofing done so as to minimize the damage and losses. Some of the major steps that can be taken for water damage restoration in Orlando are as follows:

  • Homes on stilts

If the homes are raised on piers or on stilts, the flood level of the house can be raised. In the time of floods, even an inch of water can lead to a lot of damage. Hence, this can possibly be a better way for home protection.

  • Go for foundation vents

Foundation vents being a superb form of wet floodproofing can be ideally a better flood-proofing technique. With these vents, the water will flow through the entire house instead of getting stagnated around some area. Thus, an outlet for flood water will be available and also flood water will not be able to put any pressure on the walls. A sump pump is another better option in order to pump out water from basements where flooding is very common. Nowadays sump pumps are available with the battery so you can use them even if electricity is not available.

  • Sealants are required

Cracks can provide a superb way to flood water to penetrate inside the home. Hence, coatings or the sealants can be applied to the windows, doors or walls wherever cracks are there or even at places where no cracks are there. These are actually in the form of dry flood-proofing. With Orlando water damage services, you can get it done easily and be prepared whenever the natural calamity comes.

  • Raise the level of switches

It is very important to make sure that the level of all the switches and outlets must be one foot up from the level of flood so that no electrical damage is there. Also, there will be no risk of life due to any short circuits and currents.

  • Pipes must have valves

All the pipes that are coming up inside your home must have a check valve installed in them so as to stop any sewage system that is flooded to stagnate around in the entire home. Valves are of two types mainly: gate valves and flap valves. Gate valves are mostly preferred because a better seal is provided by them against the flood water.

  • The lawn should be away from the house

The face of the lawn should always be away from the front of the house so as to avoid rainwater to stagnate around the entire house. It is recommended to use the heavy soils that have more of clay content in them.

Along with the above renovations, it is also required to protect the appliance so you should keep them as well above the flood level. These appliances include generators, washing machines, air conditioners and water heaters etc.

With Orlando water damage restoration service, you will get most of the things done in an appropriate manner without much hassles done. The cost of the service totally depends upon the condition of your home but at the end, the quality of the services offered is just perfect. You will get everything in an organized manner and the work done will be long-lasting. Hence, you can sit and relax for many years without any worries.

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