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loft conversion ideas

The loft or attic of your house is not just an empty place to store your lights or other unused things in your house. A well-designed loft conversion plan is an economical way to add more living space and value to your house.

Before moving further with the whole guide related to loft conversion, lets first understand;

What exactly a Loft Conversion is?

Regardless of whether it is another home office, gym room or a family area that you need, the loft conversion is the way to go.

Loft Conversion or Attic Conversion is the way by which you can transform the empty attic space or loft into an extra room of your house. A typical attic room can be used for an extra bedroom, office room or a gym room.

Even though Loft Conversion is possible to ‘D.I.Y’ (Do It Yourself) but the process can be complicated or hectic so most people contact a loft conversion company where the specialist comes and does the work for you.

How long does it take to complete the Loft Conversion?

If You contact a reputed agency they can help you complete a rear dormer loft conversion on a terrace within a time of as short as Four and a half weeks and to complete the rear dormer conversion on a semi-detached property can take as long as up to Five and a half weeks.

Do you need a planning permission for the loft conversion?

Planning permission is usually not required for a loft conversion. Planning permission is needed in case you extend or alter the roof space and space exceeds 40 cubic meters.

Usually, an additional roof space of 40cm3 is allowed for terraced housed and an additional roof space of 50cm3 is allowed for detached or semi-detached houses.

How much does a Loft Conversion cost?

A basic room loft conversion can cost around $17,500 which includes the reinforcement of the floor, a couple of skylights, an added insulation, a staircase to the attic, electrics, lighting, and heating. The cost can go up to $23,000 or more. An average dormer loft conversion with a double bedroom and a bathroom can cost up to $45,000 – $58,000.

Ideas for Loft Conversion:

Do not go into believing that an additional bedroom is the only alternative for the attic space. Here are a few loft conversion ideas on what you can convert the attic space into: –

  • Attic Kitchen- Why just a bedroom? Why not shift the whole kitchen upstairs? This way you can have plenty of living space in the below and also enjoy cooking under a skylight enjoying the view.
  • All-in-one apartment- The house can be converted into an apartment all together. This way you can use up space for when you want to welcome a guest and it can also a room for your kid to grow up.
  • Dining Room- You can setup an exciting dining spot upstairs. This way you can host glamorous dinner parties up in the attic.
  • Library- Who would not want to enjoy the luxury of a home library? You can just get one just by converting your attic into a library. Imagine how peaceful it would be to sit in the attic underneath a skylight and read your favourite book!
  • Bathroom- You can convert your attic space into a bathroom. Can’t you just imagine how relaxing it would be to take a bath under a skylight, up in your attic?
  • Gym – You can set-up your gym room upstairs. This way you can save up a lot of space downstairs which your gym instruments could take.
  • Sunlit study Room- If you work from home or would like to get an opportunity to do so then this would be perfect for you and working in a sun splashed room in the attic can increase your productivity too.

Although most of the ideas we provided needs a structural engineer’s fees since a structure as complex as this will certainly require expert’s help, so make sure you consider that into your budget as well as. We hope our Attic Conversion Ideas have helped you to transform the empty space of the attic and changed it into a loving family space.

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