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That’s right, I also lived in Texas for three beautiful years in the city of Dallas.

The Metroplex of the city of Dallas is everything that is not downtown (the oldest area in general), and is made up of regions that are called cities although they are so close that you do not perceive the change between them. I lived in Irving, where there is a “boom”, if they allow me the expression, of technology and infrastructure companies. It is part of the Irving-Dallas-Plano business city corridor where it is said is where more jobs are being created across the United States.

I don’t doubt it for a second. The city (now I mean the whole county of Dallas-Metroplex) is receiving people from all over the country and the world every day. Most come with companies that have moved their offices to the Metroplex.

Dallas was ranked as the best city to live in 2017 in the entire United States. And I can say that to a large extent this is real.

Dallas has no huge tourist attractions beyond the Downtown or its world-class sports facilities such as the AT&T Stadium, home of the ultra-famous Cowboys, the Global Life Park that is home to the Texas Rangers baseball team, or the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks, to mention the most important. Sounds good to see these sites (and it is, don’t be misunderstood) but once you’ve seen them, you break the charm of expectation and there’s not much else to see, as a tourist, I repeat.

The interesting thing comes from living in an American city with an impressive infrastructure, one of the best nationwide. It also comes from access to services and products at truly accessible prices with the potential for very high profits. It comes from sharing the space with people who perspire entrepreneurship and live empowered (how about the buzzword of 2018?) With a mentality of possibility, of security that they can make a disruption of any type of system or industry. It also comes from an educational system that, while it is true that it is not the best, is quite competitive and also encourages physical activity too much; That, for those who care about physical and mental health, can be invaluable.

No, I am not saying that it is the best place for everyone. Maybe you prefer your city or New York, either because you know it or precisely the opposite, because you don’t know it.

Many things are said about Texas, real or fictitious: that it is dangerous, that people are always armed, that they are aggressive, that they eat badly, etc. What I can say is that everything is relatively real.

I once saw a person with a revolver in his hand, but nothing more.

Once in the Mexico subway I saw a group of policemen with their weapons in hand running on the platform. He lived in Sweden when there was a terrorist attack. I was at an airport in Zurich when there were terrorist attacks across Europe and the policemen brought high-powered weapons in Switzerland !?

There is a lot of obesity. Yes. But are you obese in your current city? Would you stop being if you lived in Morocco? Would you become obese in Texas? That is under your control. Do you eat well today? A simple example, you can easily find San Antonio bath remodeling services, as easy as finding the same service in New York.

People hate Mexicans. I don’t know, but I didn’t live it live. There is that feeling that having voted for Trump, as most did here, carries the implicit message of moving Latinos away from the United States, but I think it is not the whole truth. Everything has chiaroscuro and that has been proven time and again.

They are very consumerist! Are you a consumerist today? What criteria are there to define such a category? Do not you consume anything? To live you have to consume, it is under your control (like almost everything around your life). If you do not want consumerism, there are two options: do not consume and die trying or change the planet (and consume there). There is a whole theory of consumerism that we are not going to discuss here.

They drive everywhere. Real. There is no discussion. And you can also walk around your neighborhood, if that is a physical necessity of yours. Maybe the day will come when public transportation takes place in Texas but for the moment things are like that and I adapted well to that and even enjoyed it. Eventually electric cars will dominate the horizon and Texans will continue without walking, and many people will continue to complain about what they cannot control or decided to criticize.

Living in Texas is great for me. You eat well in whatever your concept of eating well. You can live well although regardless of the socioeconomic stratum to which you belong. And also, you can win very well.

The salary-cost of living relationship in Dallas is also, if not the best, one of the three best in the country and therefore, in the world. Your money reaches long distances in Texas because gasoline is cheap in general terms, and anyway, most of the products and services in the United States tend to be better priced than outside the country. It is no coincidence that so many people go sightseeing and take a break in shopping that they could do in the cities where they live.

Dallas society is segregated. We could consider that as a negative part: social segregation is given by the level of salary. You live as far as you can pay. Although this seems a universal truth, think about it and you will see that it is not so. One of my former neighbors in Mexico lived in the same block but we all knew that the guy was a millionaire and could do anything.

In Dallas it is like that. Therefore, you find neighborhoods of Koreans, Indians, Hispanics and blacks. But you also have to narrow something down: there are people who, with their own merit, get to climb those levels, and that’s when you find an Indian in a neighborhood of white Americans, and nobody can stop him. In today’s American society, that is happening with increasing frequency and this segregation begins to fade slowly, but hopelessly. That is what many conservative Americans fear, but quite frankly, they will never be able to control and much less stop.


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