Leaking pipes: costly for more than just your wallet

water leaking on ground

No one can afford leaking pipes. Not the country, not the state, not your home’s foundations, and not your wallet. Water leaking underground can be costly, not only to you but to the environment as well.


With water being another part of the household bills, you can’t afford to have it wasting away. Not only will you be paying higher water bills, but it can damage the foundations of your home too. The leaking water can erode dirt and stones, leaving empty voids underground. These voids will eventually collapse, creating sinkholes, leaving your foundations unstable.

Paying excessive amounts on your bill or on building work is not the only problem, though. The leaking water can enter natural underground reservoirs and contaminate them.

How To Tell You Need Priority Plumbing

Leaks need to be taken care of as soon as possible before costly, irreversible damage is done. So, if you find any of the following, it’s time to call us:

  • unexplained wet areas in your yard
  • a mouldy or mossy section
  • diminished water pressure
  • cement paths that are cracked
  • sink or potholes
  • your water bill has risen with no explanation
  • gurgling and hissing noises

You need to have these suspicious occurrences checked out. These issues could be explained by leaking water pipes; leaks that can create major damages and issues.

Ask The Experts

For the best leak detection Adelaide has to offer, call Priority Plumbing and they can use their state-of-the-art leak finding equipment to prevent any greater damage occurring. With options like acoustic detection and thermal imaging, Priority Plumbing will quickly detect any issues that your property may have. Whether it may be a water or gas leak, our experts have the knowledge, skills, and equipment for the job. Finding the problem before any major damage can be done could save you thousands.

When you live in the driest state of the driest continent, water is a precious commodity. It needs to be preserved and used wisely. Leaking pipes not only allow wastage, but they can create problems around your home too. Calling Priority Plumbing will put your property’s pipes in the hands of Adelaide’s elite leak detection services.

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