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It is time to clear up the messy attic, clean the roof and restore the home’s aesthetics when spring comes. One thing that can’t be overlooked as you begin your roof spring cleaning efforts is how you should prepare yourself for this winter.

Proper insulation will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature through the cold months. A home that has a very low draft will cause heat loss throughout the house. Homeowners who have winter problems should consider doing some spring clean up.

Why Spring Cleaning

During the winter, you may be tempted to turn on the air conditioner or heater just to heat up the place, but it could also create additional problems, which could take the warmth away from your family. If you already have a hot water heater and the gas furnace in your home, the winter could become a more serious situation.

Getting in the habit of checking for and removing water spots on the roof should be done during winter rains. The water can collect in areas where it’s hard to get out and can easily spill onto your floors and furniture. Some homeowners try to hose the area down to remove the water, but sometimes you don’t have enough time and there is little damage that can be done.

It doesn’t need to be messy if you are prepared. There are plenty of roofing tips for spring cleaning you can use to make your task easier.

After winter has come and gone, you can start working on doing some cleaning around the home. By cleaning the outside of the house, you can get rid of the cold winter weather and add some nice springtime colors to your home.

Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time to clean out the dirty attic before spring gets here. This means shoving items like newspapers, cigarette butts, food wrappers, and paper towels into the trash. This can keep the airtight seal of the attic and keep it free of clutter and debris.

On top of not needing to let go of your dirty clothes, you can also save your clean ones. You can empty the garbage from inside your home so that you won’t have to worry about unwanted items falling back into the attic. You’ll also be able to store other household items in another part of the house.

If you have clutter that needs to be cleared out of your house, don’t be afraid to do it. During the winter, sometimes you are forced to move things from one part of the house to another because of a blocked area. Having enough space to move things into the attic can help keep you from having to store a lot of things.

It’s a good idea to use slate tiles in your bathroom to add a bit of color. These tiles can be set in the bathroom windows so that they look great and add interest to space. By having clean slate tiles, it will allow water to bead and slide off of them with ease, rather than making it fall through the ceiling and onto the floor.

When spring rolls around, it’s time to tackle your roof. Once you have cleaned it out, you can get rid of the dirt and leave it looking better than ever. It’s important to make sure that you use some of the tips from experienced roofers to help you have a great home for this season.

Spring Cleaning Your Roof

Snow Roof Clean

Roof Spring Cleaning is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your home and keep it from damage. There are many things that can damage your roof, and keeping the roof clean can prevent the most damage from occurring. With all of the different materials and choices for roofing, it can be confusing to figure out what materials and ways you should use in cleaning your roof.

When it comes to keeping the material of your roof protected, you should use many different materials to ensure the longest life possible. The last thing you want is to have a problem with the roof and not be able to repair it fast enough. With all of the different roofing materials, you can use, the best thing you can do is start by getting rid of everything you don’t use.

This includes anything that is on your old roof that you no longer need. For example, have you tried to rake your leaves and debris off of your roof? This only helps the rain, but it will also help the wood rot. Wood rot is not good for your roof and will ultimately lead to it to rust and fall apart.

You should also stop using insulation. Many times it is the insulation that is holding your roof up, but with the correct materials, this will not be necessary. There are a variety of insulation materials available and using them will save you money, which can be used in other ways to keep your roof in tip-top shape.

Weather stripping is another major factor to consider when cleaning your roof. You should also keep in mind that the amount of moisture in the air around your home affects how bad the problems will get. If your roof is cracked or damaged, it is likely that it will become affected over time.

With winter and colder temperatures coming through, you will find that the general health of your home will start to decline. Living in your home without proper heating will increase the chances of frostbite, mold, and a host of other potential problems. This will cause you to take some drastic steps to protect your home from the things that can harm it.

The roof spring cleaning process will be a great first step to take when your roof starts to deteriorate. There are many things that can happen with the weather, and the only way to prevent damage is to be proactive about getting it cleaned. This doesn’t just apply to clean your roof but protecting your home and all of the items within it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Planning Your Spring Cleaning

Cleaning the house is both a burden and a joy. Some people hate it, and some people love it. Some people like hiring professional cleaning services, whereas others find cleaning their homes both relaxing and rewarding.

No matter in which category you fall in, you may have heard and even tried spring cleaning. But before heading to the store for cleaning products, it’s not a bad idea to go over our FAQs on spring cleaning. It’s going to ease out your job, for sure.

1.      Why are people keen on spring cleaning?

It has to do a lot with the weather and storage rotation. Almost everywhere on this planet, when going from winter to spring, it means that you will put on different clothes and equipment.

Many of your hobby equipment and lawn tools will make sense to get out of the storing place once the winter is over. Now it’s time that you get rid of the clutter and free as much space as you can, storing the winter gear instead.

2.      Is spring cleaning a new tradition?

Spring cleaning dates from the time when people used the fireplace and struggled to keep the heat inside their homes.

It was the early 1800s when spring cleaning was necessary as the soot would cover the homes over the winter. Families would use lamps fueled with whale oil or kerosene, whereas the fireplaces would burn with coal or wood throughout the colder months.

As soon as the temperatures would rise, people would start scrubbing, dusting, and washing everything inside their home to eliminate soot and grime.

Thanks to modern central heating, people don’t need to clean soot or grime anymore. We still do it, as we feel the need for fresh air inside our homes, removing all dust collected during winter.

The days are longer, and our bodies generate less melatonin, which means more energy for everything.

Most of us love the chance that spring offers us, allowing us to have some fresh air inside the house. It’s the perfect time to clean the windows, wash the floor even under the refrigerator, and take care of most challenging to access corners in the house.

It’s also for practical reasons for which we clean thoroughly in the winter. It’s warmer outside and the days are longer, so people find the energy for cleaning.

3.      Did the cleaning habits change in time?

Our lifestyles and homes have gone through dramatic changes over the centuries, and so did our cleaning habits. We now enjoy central heating, and we spend more time outside the house. Modern people don’t pay their winter inside their home but travel and enjoy winter sports. Therefore, there’s less dust, soot, and stale air inside our households, so we don’t feel the need for spring cleaning.

To give you an example, 85% of Brits consider that spring cleaning is no longer necessary. Only half of the 2,000 people admitted that they still do the spring cleaning. 37% of them noted that they only do it every couple of years, whereas one-in-five realized that they never do it.

It’s not that people don’t clean anymore, though. They no longer feel the need for a spring cleaning, and if they do, they instead hire professional cleaning service. More and more people clean all the time, so it makes no sense to do spring cleaning.

4.      Does the spring cleaning have any religious or cultural meaning?

It’s not universal, but spring cleaning is connected to some religious and cultural beliefs. For instance, in Jewish culture, spring relates to Passover, when the liberation of Jews from slavery is commemorated. In March or April, cleaning of the home begins and removal of all traces of yeast or yeast bread (with Jews slaves surviving in Egypt only with unleavened bread, any food with yeast isn’t Kosher) from the house.

It’s also the case for some Christian faiths that state that the cleaning before Lent includes cleaning the home, especially the altars on the Monday before Good Friday.

As for the Iranian culture, Persian or Nowruz’s new year begins on the first day of spring. The holiday also includes a meticulous house cleaning, commonly known as the “shaking the house.”

Let’s not forget the Chinese who typically clean their homes the day before the new year (it’s also known as the Spring festival) to throw away any bad luck and make room for fortune.

5.      What’s the essential piece of advice?

Fundamentally, you establish a schedule for organizing your efforts so that you have the best results. Having a plan is essential, especially when you’re spring cleaning the whole house.

It’s all up to you, but people tend to do it two ways/ some like doing it all at once, during a weekend, when everyone’s at home, and ready to help. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, as it’s quite challenging and tiring.

There’s also the category of people that organize the spring cleaning throughout several days and even weeks. They take it slow and don’t rush into it so that they don’t miss anything. In the end, you should do it the best way for you.

6.      Why should you divide the work?

Even if general cleaning can be tiring, it doesn’t have to be that way. You do it by areas also when you’re cleaning daily or weekly.

Spring cleaning is an excellent chance for you to divide responsibilities among your family members. The kids (if they’re old enough) can very thoroughly clean their rooms. You may give new duties to the older kids, such as cleaning the living room or the den.

7.      What is your main priority?

It’s better that you start with the areas where moisture tends to build-up. Begin with your basement, washroom, and under the kitchen sink. More often than not, it’s in places with humidity when mold grows.

Mold is dangerous as it can lead to allergies, breathing conditions, and sinus infection. It can also lead to an unpleasant musty smell.

We don’t always know if there’s mold around the house, so buy yourself a mold test kit for finding out. You can call in professionals for more certainty.

8.      Do you have allergens inside your home?

Dust mites, dander (it appears when you have pets), and pollen from flowers and plants are the most typical allergens. You need to vacuum your rugs and carpets very thoroughly, and don’t skip the sofas and the couches. Take time and insist on the hard-to-reach areas (corners or under the cushion) as well.

Take care of the mats and give them a good wash. Make sure you dust the shelves, cupboards, windows, and any other surfaces with an efficient damp rag.

As for opening the windows, you need to think about any of your family member’s allergies. During spring, the lightest breeze can carry a high amount of pollen and plant spores, flaring the allergies up. Take a look at the pollen forecast in your region, especially if anyone in your family struggles with allergies.

9.      Why is de-cluttering essential?

Spring is the time when you store your winter jackets, skates, skis, and anything else you use during the winter. Store them properly in the closet.

It’s a perfect time to re-organize your wardrobe, by the way. You can take a look at your clothes, shoes, and other accessories that you no longer use. If you haven’t worn it in a year, throw it away. One’s man trash is another man’s treasure, remember?

10. Do you also have a backyard?

For those of you also possessing a backyard, spring cleaning may take a while. Once you’ve taken away and stored the Christmas decorations, you can take care of the yard. Make sure you clear out the garden and backyard, removing debris, leaves, or fallen branches.

Raking out the soil and removing the weeds may also be necessary. You can finally start a garden, but you have to prepare it first.

Clean the deck and make room for your barbecue grill. Check the patio furniture and see how it looks. Now you’re almost done!

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