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lawn sod installation

Some of us want a wonderful lush green lawn in our back or front yard to be able to spend the summers in and have our very own barbeques or tea gatherings, but not all of us have the patience to put in the hard work that goes into planting the seeds at the right time, watering it and maintaining the soil or even waiting for it to start sprouting out before we’re satisfied with it. The good news is, you don’t need to wait for this luxury.

If you have never heard of the term “lawn sod”, click here to find out more, you’ll be hearing about this now, and it is your solution to getting a fantastic green lawn, fast. A thick healthy lawn is an indulgence for many, not only does it look nice but it can also offer us an array of health benefits, just spending time outdoors and walking barefoot on a healthy lawn can do wonders for the mind and body. Some call is “earthing” while others call it “grounding”, but whatever you name the act, the benefits are all the same.

Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Green Grass

Some of these have been mentioned here:, while others have been included below.  One of many reviews published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, after having done a study based on this concept, highlighted the fact that the relationship between the body and the electrons present in the earth, can improve one’s health. It can help calm the mind, thereby helping you to sleep better.

barefoot on grass

Other such studies have found that it helps to regulate glucose levels in the body, keeps the heart rate moderate, helps with skin conductivity, increases the charge of red blood cells, and even reduces levels of stress and improves the immune system in our bodies.

With all these great benefits, who wouldn’t want a piece of green? The British weather unfortunately sometimes does not allow for lush green grass to grow in our gardens unless properly maintained every season by lawn professionals. not to mention, not everyone has space for it, but now with this one solution, you can have your very own green space to walk on.

Enter – Sod.

What Is Sod and How Can You Install It?

Sod, which is also famously known as “turf” is a type of grass coupled with the soil beneath it, both help together by its roots and other pieces of thin materials. It is anyone’s solution to getting an instant lawn. Even though there is a fair amount of preparation involved when installing it, the professionals who do it for you, for example, the in Surrey, will do everything for you from concept to completion so that you do not have to lift a finger, and they will also give you personal advice on how to maintain it for the period of the different seasons.

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Let’s see what steps are involved, shall we?

Preparing the ground to lay the sod is like preparing your garden to grow grass. There may be one of two final aspects that may be different and below we have included the steps that will be needed to get you that instant lawn to walk on, any time of the day or night. It is advisable to call the services during springtime especially if it is cool-season grass. Which is different from the warm-season grass which is typically installed during summer, find out more on this website.

Step 1. To prepare the ground one would either remove the existing grass by digging it out or destroying it with a herbicide and removing it with a power cutter.

Step 2. After everything is removed and you’re left with barren land, you would test the soil to make sure it is the right PH. This can be done with any instrument, and it should be between 6.0 and 7.5 which is good. It is an easy process which can be read about here: Garden stores sell plenty of kits for this reason.

Step 3. The garden services will then lay the sod, usually beginning around the edges of the space and working their way towards the center. The ends of these “mat-like” pieces will be secured together by pressing them down firmly, just like when laying bricks on a wall, one by one so they are securely placed in the right position.

Step 4. If the strips are too thin, you can add some soil underneath the pieces of sod to make them all the same level. Once all is done, a roller is used to press the grass down firstly and make sure everything is even. After which it is time to water it, and which you can continue to do for a couple of weeks after.

And that’s about it – simple, quick, and easy!


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