Know your options about garden fence kits to select the one that suits you best

Not only there are numerous types of garden fence kits, but within each type, there are several options. The features add versatility to the kits that can cater to all kinds of requirements, no matter how specific it might be.

about garden fence kits

Since the needs of users are very specific and unique, the broadening of choice with multiple options mean that you will surely find a garden fence kit that meets your needs and even fits within the budget. To know more about the choices, you can look up at the website, and this article should help you to gather enough information to make a well-informed choice.

Although, we normally term garden fences as deer fence, the problem of rodents is sometimes a big worry for many people fences for whom fences suitable for rodent protection are also available. Users would be happy to have some fencing solution that offers protection from both animals. Therefore, the choice is between garden fence with rodent barrier and without it.

Garden fence kits with a rodent barrier

The kits meant for deer fencing has an extra layer of steel rodent barrier fencing that consists of minimum 6-inch overlap to pin to the ground. At the bottom of the fence, there is a layer of steel fencing of small opening size, not more than 1 inch with the smaller opening being more preferred.

Garden fence kits with a rodent barrier

This type of fence kit is very popular because it creates a chew barrier that can keep away all types of animals and not the only deer. The fence kit is effective in keeping out rabbits, groundhogs/woodchucks, and other animals. Fence kits of varying strength in grades of 700 fence mesh and 800 fence mesh are available to provide stronger and strongest protection.

Fence kits without rodent barrier

This type of garden fence has the exclusive purpose of keeping deer away only and does not offer protection from rodents. The kit offers sufficient protection from deer and other big animals. Like the kit with rodent barrier, this also comes with 6-inch overlap to pin to the ground and includes ground stakes. The strength of poly fence kits without a rodent barrier is the same as that for kits with rodent barrier.  The standard roll of poly fence kit is 330 feet long with a height of 8 feet.

Fence kits without overlap or chew barrier

Fence kits without overlap have the same height of fencing and posts. There is no extra fencing to create a stake to the ground and overlap into the ground.  It means that 6 feet height of fencing would come with posts of 6 feet height, which is the finished height from the ground. This kit is ideal for those who want seasonal or removable garden fence like those who want to protect raised beds during the growing season and for protecting arborvitae during the winter months. It is also good for keeping children wandering into the yard.

The lack of overlapping allows users to keep the bottom free from weeds as it is easy to trim the base of the fence.


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