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Tips Before Buying A Kitchen Faucet

buying kitchen faucets

One of the most used appliances in the kitchen is the faucet. Buying faucet comes with two challenges; you need to check whether the faucet is compatible with the kitchen design and whether the functionality must be unequivocal. Along with this, there come many other things as well that have …

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Best Dual Fuel Range

Dual Fuel Range Reviews

Even though electric ranges are the most popular choice out there, we also started to hear a lot more about the dual fuel ranges. Just between you and me (and anyone else out there), the dual fuel ranges are the best cooking appliances if you’re asking a chef. What’s the …

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Best Insulated Lunch Box

Insulated Lunch Box Reviews

This may seem like a very easy thing to know (the name pretty much says everything), but why take any chances? When we talk about the lunch box, we do know it’s related to food and the lunch kit (aka “lunch pail”) stores your food so that you may take …

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Best Kitchen Timers

Kitchen Timer Reviews

It is often heard that time is of the essence. In the cooking world, time is considered to be a major ingredient for creating a perfect dish. Kitchen timers are the key instruments in cooking, baking or creating a simple dish to perfection. These serve to be the true strength …

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How To Style A Kitchen

No matter what your cooking skills are like, nor how often you enter this „room” of your home, it’s a sure thing: whatever the style of your home is, your kitchen should follow suit. Styling up your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to remodel it or spend a ton of …

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How To Organize A Small Kitchen

So it seems that you are the proud owner of a small kitchen. You’ve tried so many things to put a comfortable feel into your petite cooking zone: the curtains played their part (see our kitchen curtain selection tips) and you applied all the tricks for making your small kitchen …

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How To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Everybody likes to have a good time in their kitchen. Even if you’re not a master at cooking, feeling nice and comfortable while preparing the meals is very important. And you can’t get that feel if your kitchen keeps a cluttered aspect, you can’t find anything you need, and everything …

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How To Light A Kitchen

There’s no other room in our home that needs proper lighting than the kitchen. You need good light intensity when you cook, when you chop the vegetables, basically at all moments. Either you have kitchen curtains or not (you can find our selection here https://www.verycozyhome.com/curtains/), daylight can’t always help you …

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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In The Kitchen

Everybody loves to have fresh fruits in the kitchen. It’s not only that you eat them, but they bring joy, color and a good energy every time you have them around. Unfortunately, along with fresh, ripe fruit come, sometime, pesky fruit flies that ruin not only the air in your …

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