Kitchen Designs That Will Never Go Out of Style

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No matter the size of your kitchen, it plays such an important role in your home. From being a practical area to prepare meals for your loved ones, to simply acting as a room where you can take a breath and make yourself a cup of tea. Your kitchen is a mixture of comfortable and functional and the design should reflect this. There are so many timeless design ideas you can get inspired by.

Scandi Inspired

Scandinavian style ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to creating the ultimate kitchen. This interior design trend revolves around minimalism and creating neat spaces. It utilities clever storage solutions to avoid clutter and neutral colours to create a bright space. White is typically used, however, wooden elements add warmth to the room. If you’re looking to create a sleek, modern kitchen, then you’ll definitely want to research Scandi-styles and see how you can embrace the interior design tips in your own home.

Country Style

Perhaps you want your kitchen to feel cosier. In this case, the country style kitchen might be the one for you. Also known as farmhouse, this style of interior design focuses on the rural elements of a kitchen. Think lots of timber and rustic wood. It also allows you to mix and match. From the colours of your cabinets and walls to an eclectic mix of crockery and cups. A country-style kitchen is designed to make the room feel lived in and welcoming to all.


The sustainable kitchen is becoming increasingly popular, and it doesn’t look like this trend will be going anywhere anytime soon. People want to continuously look after the planet in whatever way they can. There are so many ways you can incorporate sustainable elements into your kitchen. Whether you choose to use furniture made from recycled materials or invest in eco-friendly appliances. Small actions make a big difference. For instance, even changing to an energy-efficient kettle can help.


Another design style that has been gaining popularity over the years is the industrial look. An industrial kitchen focuses on raw materials and rustic textures. Typical design elements include lots of stainless steel, exposed brick and reused wood. What makes this style so timeless is the longer you have it, the better it looks. It’s simple to add small industrial touches to your current kitchen. You could change the material of your shelves, or add in some filament bulbs for the desired lighting effect.

Remember, it’s your kitchen and your personal tastes. Pick designs and styles that you like the most. You want the space to still feel like yours. Use this a chance to get creative and play around with different elements. Do you have a favourite kitchen design?

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