Janome 7330 Review

Why The Janome 7330?

The Janome 7330 Magnolia 30-Stitch Sewing Machine is an outstanding sewing machine that will fit the needs of anyone learning to sew as well as folks who have been enjoying the fun of sewing for years! Advanced seamstresses will enjoy the many stellar features and it will aid beginners with having all the tools at hand to easily and quickly advance their skills. User friendly and easy to read LED Screens aid in learning and achieving high quality, beautiful pieces without frustration or problems.

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Whether your calling in the sewing world is updating your wardrobe, making gifts for friends, or crafting the Janome 7330 machine can do it all!

Make adorable stuffed animals for your grandkids, sew on those badges for your Cub Scout he is so proud of to your child’s uniform or craft a Christmas ornament. Make your highschooler the costume they need for their upcoming play! The possibilities are endless. And the possibilities will be created quickly, easily and delightfully on the Janome 7330, a fantastic model of sewing machine since it boasts so many features and options.

Are you one of those lucky folks who has someone in your life that wants to learn all you know about this craft? This sewing machine would be the perfect gift to pass on your love of sewing. The Janome 7330 is lightweight and easily portable making it great to take just about anywhere. Load it up to go to your favorite quilting circle or on a family trip for a holiday.
Included on this affordable work horse of a machine are items that you would likely find on many much more expensive types. These include optinons such as an automatic needle threader. This advanced feature makes it so you can thread the needle with a touch of button and no more straining your eyes! A bonus to anyone, but especially someone whose vision might not be perfect. This aids in cutting out frustration by threading the needle easily and quickly and allows the user to get on with the project at hand and finish it in no time at all.

The Janome 7330 allows for stitch adjustment, length and width, to be done simply and easily as well. And the machine boasts a free arm capability to aid in ease of completing any project.

Not one, but two bright, beautiful LED Screens also add to ease of operation and user friendly capability. Select stitches quickly and easily even if not in the brightest of room light. Choose between 30 built in sewing stitches and you are off and running to creating beautiful pieces in minutes. The pieces will be professional looking and polished when you incorporate the many options that are just waiting for you to use!

One other amazing feature of this model is the start-stop button that allows sewing to be done without foot control. This simple addition allows for more freedom in the way one can use the machine.

Other options on the 7330 are drop feed capabilities using the superior thread feeding system. It comes with an auto-declutch bobbin winder for quick and simple bobbin making. Add to that precise thread tension and the ease of a reverse stitch button and you will quickly see why this model is unsurpassed.

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Here’s What It’ll Do For You

The Janome 7330 is a well built, strong sewing machine. It allows the user to easily add their own personal style and flair to every project tackled on it. Your wardrobe can come alive with all the many items you will easily create with this advanced model. It offers 6 one step buttonholes and 8 other decorative stitches to its line. Think of the endless possibilities from a new jacket to beautiful curtains for that new apartment that you can make, all saving you so much money not purchasing them in a store. And they will be personalized to you and your style and you will feel pride every time you see any project you have made on this outstanding machine.

The Janome 7330 is a fine, sturdy machine in a bright white casing and it is just a perfect size as it measures inches 18.8 x 10.5 x 14.2 and weighs a light 19.8 pounds. A stellar machine which is a joy to use and offers the top notch everything you expect from Janome and more!

When using this model, one quickly notices as well the quiet performance of the machine. It runs so quietly that you can easily hear music, television or your baby sleeping on the baby monitor over its working.

Folks that need a machine for quilting will also notice that the throat is a good depth as it allows for ease in manuvering the material around to get to all the places you will need. Likewise, appliqueing or crafing can be done easily on it due to this nice feature and it cuts out any frustration that other models without this capability might cause.

Pros of machine

  • Excellent size and weight to allow for ease in using or storing anywhere
  • 30 built in stitches
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 2 LED Screens
  • Machine threading made quick and simple by one touch button
  • Stitch length is adjustable, along with stitch width
  • Zigzag option
  • Drop feed capability
  • Automatic declutch bobbin winder
  • Thread tension options

Customer Reviews

Customers who have purchased the Janome 7330 are happily commenting on it’s performance!

“I just love it. Sews like a dream, easy to follow directions. I would highly recommend this sewing machine.” From Mrvacandmrssew.com

“I bought mine a year ago and put off using it for a while, but once I began using it I do not want to stop! It brings me so much joy to sew again. I enjoyed the machine so much that I bought one last month for my daughter.” From Overstock.com

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Purchase the Janome 7330 with confidence knowing you have gotten a fine machine at an excellent value. Be assured you will be working a quiet machine that will never disturb others around you while you are working, so you can happily sew while your husband watches television or your child works on homework close by. Start listing your project ideas and watch the list become a reality. Your creations will be admired and praised as quickly as you can churn them out! And you will enjoy using the Janome 7330 sewing machine so much, you will add more and more as it is just so much fun!

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