Janome 6500 Review

Why The Janome 6500?


The Janome 6500 is one of the fastest and most productive machines that you will find on the consumer level market today. If you’re looking for precision and power with advanced features for those that are seeking professional grade options without the high end pricing. If you’re a serious sewer and want to invest in the trade, you have to look into this machine on your quest to get the best in the industry.

To give you an idea of how fast you can sew with this, the Janome 6500 can get upwards of 1,000 stitches per minute. If that wasn’t enough, you can create massive quilts and even large blankets. The main area has a 9” x 5” throat and allows 5 different styles of blanket stitches, which means you can get a look that rivals a hand-stitched quality.

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You can also utilize the advanced mechanics that can pierce and stitch even the thickest of raw materials that you might find. The Janome 6500 is equipped with a built-in cutter, you can also make sure you’re trimming on the fly, so no need to have a separate set of tools to accomplish serious work.

The weight of this sewing machine is also light compared to other options, at only around 29 pounds, you’ll be able to transport your machine to wherever you’re going and get moving with professional grade quality.

Point for point, the Janome 6500 can outlast, outrun and be better than your existing sewing machine. If you haven’t upgraded in a long time, this is the time, but if you don’t believe that it’s worth it, consider the following.

Here’s What it Can Do For you

What you will get is a customized set of tools that are built into the Janome 6500. You can stitch things together, create blankets, and best of all you can tie together quilts, even large ones with relative ease. You’ll find that there is not a high-grade learning curve here either, you will find out of the box you will be stitching in no time. Even if you’re an expert and are used to more “classic” style machinery, you’ll find this one is surprisingly agile, sturdy, and enhances your work rate instantly.

The engine on this allows for quickest sewing possible, giving you 1,000 stitches per minute! You have a digital display with several modes to get you started on the fly. In fact, you’re getting a 1-amp motor that gives you serious power under the hood, much like professional grade options give you.

You get a completely upgraded platform here, which has been redesigned and empowered from last year’s model. Even if you’re looking to run the machine at 8 hours a day, you’ll find that the power goes through and through, and will not burn out on you, like smaller motored options. The 1 amp is made to last, and is not just another consumer grade option, it’s a professional option without the high price tag.

Pound for pound the Janome 6500 isn’t going to let you down. When you open up the box, you will see how this is a high grade option that is made for professional use, and for once, the company didn’t skimp. They really pushed for high quality here and you will not find anything even close at this level. It is not just another rehash of last year’s edition; this has been fully redone, fully produced with the serious sewer in mind.

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  • 1000 SPM
  • Winding System with full top loading bobbin system for independent sewing
  • Sewing Trimmer built in for easy access
  • Complete vertical delivery (vertical system)
  • 9 1/2 “ bed for sewing large blankets or quilts
  • 1 amp motor
  • Professional grade construction, solid and tough façade for even the hardest wear and tear
  • Digital display
  • Manual and Digital settings to switch things up while working
  • Easy to change needle loading

What Customers are saying

“This machine is the best thing I’ve had in a long time. I’ve had previous machines, but this one is fast, heavy duty, and rivals my older professional metal options. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to use, and how amazing your quilting will be. It’s easier to use than many other machines, that’s for sure.” From overstock.com

“Power and ease of use in one machine for a low price, you can’t beat it. The 1 amp motor is simply impressive. I couldn’t believe how good this machine is, it’s not hype, it’s solid construction and ease of use. Simply put; this is the best machine I’ve used in the last 20 years, and that’s no lie.” From mrvacandmrssew.com

Is it Worth It?

If you are serious about sewing, and you’re looking to master the craft or at least get a machine that is on par with your skillset, this sewing machine for you. It has been updated with precision craftsmanship, masterful warranty, settings that will allow you to create even the hardest of stitches with simplicity.

If you don’t buy the Janome 6500, you will regret it, because it’s not hyped up, it has been proven to be the best buy amongst sewing machines available at the consumer level.

Face it, there are a lot of machines on the market today, but if you compare the Janome 6500 to all others, you’re going to see that the company has really outdone themselves. You can’t let this option go without seeing it in action, make sure to purchase this one to upgrade whatever you’re using now, and you’ll never look back.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, or you’re a professional sewer, you’ll find that this is the best pound for pound machine on the market available today. Check it out, and see why the hype is not just in print, it’s evident from the first time you use it to the last time you decide to sew. The art form has been waiting for a machine this good, so look at it, own it, and use it for a lifetime of greatness.

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