Janome 6300 Review

Why The Janome 6300?


The Janome 6300 is a heavy-duty sewing machine designed to sew heavy fabrics and materials such as the kind use to make quilts. The sewing machine is computerized which helps it perform in a more efficient manner. It is designed specifically to work on advanced sewing projects, so it is strong and durable with a heavy-duty metal base.

There are many aspects of the machine that are designed specifically to help quilters such as giving a large space to deal with quilt threads and having an advanced, heavy-duty thread feeder. A large extension table is included and can function as a quilting board. The sewing machine comes with several different foot medals for different types of projects. The sewing machine also comes with a built-in light.

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Here’s What It’ll Do For You

Because of the Janome 6300’s advanced designed, you will be able to complete large scale projects at home with the speed and precision that a professional sewer can rely on. The machine operates at such a high-capacity that it enables you to finishes all your projects incredibly quickly. It cuts its own thread and it is so easy to make bobbins.

If you prefer to cut your own thread manually, the machine as a cutter on the back that you can use. Whatever method you prefer, the Janome 6300 has it. This allows you to work quickly and efficiently. The Janome 6300 is designed for daily use and it can handle a heavy workload. The Janome 6300 comes with a separate motor designed to allow you to thread bobbins while you sew.

There is a clear window panel over the bobbin holder so you can keep an eye on how much you have left while you work. The bobbin system is also the drop-in kind so it is jam-proof and allows you to work as quickly as possible. This enables you to be prepared if you start to run low. This ends up being a much more efficient way to work.

The Janome 6300 is incredibly easy to set up so once you purchase it, you can get started sewing right away. The machine comes with a variety of stitching styles so you can make your designs look distinctive. All of the stitching styles are done in a very consistent manner so your work looks clean and even. You can select your stitching style by using the computer screen that comes on the machine.

You can also preset up to four of your favorite stitches to allow for easy selection. There is even a built-in chart for quick reference if you are unsure of what stitch to use. There is even a large extension table included with your purchase of the machine. Extension tables can cost up to an additional $100 so having it included free is definitely a bargain.

There is even a built-in sewing light that allows you to keep your workspace well-light so you can focus on the tiniest details of your project. The machine comes with an instruction manual and the product overall is extremely easy and intuitive to learn how to use. The machine comes with a bunch of different accessories to make your projects easy to do and there is even a case included to organize everything in. An organized sewing machine area makes projects a lot more fun.

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  • Has a sewing speed of up to 1,000 threads a minute
  • Large throat space for people working with large quilts
  • Quilt stitch style that makes things look handmade
  • Feed mechanism designed to handle the strongest of fabrics and materials
  • Thread cutter built into the machine
  • Pressure foot is lifted by a specially designed knee lifter
  • The bobbin motor and threading path are separate so you can wind while you sew
  • Sewing bed is longer than most sewing machines
  • Janome 6300 is built with a heavy-duty metal bed.
  • Very easy to unpack and set up.
  • Quilting board included
  • The needle threading is adjustable
  • Special embroidery style stitches
  • Several different foot pedals
  • Comes with user manual
  • Bobbin system is jam-proof
  • Extension table included
  • Many different accessories included, such as a screwdriver, needles, and a quilting bar
  • Built-in sewing light

Customer Reviews

“Good machine! Sturdy, reliable, easy to use. Features and functions are ones that you’d want to use. Great set of accessories that accompany the machine.” from CraftGossip.com

“The Janome 6300 is a tank!! There isn’t much you couldn’t sew with this machine and I do some pretty heavy duty projects. The manual is easy to understand with good illustrations.” from Mrvacandmrssew.com

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you want to expand your sewing capabilities and be able to produce professional quality work in your own home, then you simply must purchase a Janome MC-6300P Professional Heavy-Duty Computerized Quilting Sewing Machine today. The sewing machine is designed to bring a professional, high-level of quality to any sewer out there. The machine is designed to handle intensive sewing projects and no other machine comes close.

The sewing machine will sew through all types of materials quickly allowing you to design and create a wide array of items. You can do heavy quilts and curtains. Once you start working with this machine, you will be able to re-do your entire home with products that you designed.

Imagine how exciting your friends and family members are going to be when you give them clothing and blankets that you made. If you want to start work on intensive sewing projects today, there is no better choice you have than the Janome 6300. It is simply the most durable machine on the market today.

Your imagination is the only limit on what you can design and create. The wide space and extension table make this sewing machine a smart investment so if you are looking to create a business of your own from your sewing products, you need to get one today. This machine will allow you to take your sewing capabilities to the next level. Don’t hesitate and buy one.

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