Janome 1600P Review

What is the Janome 1600P?

Anyone that seriously sews knows that you need to have the right machine for the right job. Whether you’re making clothes or you’re working on costumes you need power, speed, flexibility and responsiveness all in a single machine.

While standard issue, starting off machines can usually offer one of these attributes, it’s fairly rare that one machine hits all of these along with several others as well. That is what makes the Janome 1600P such a unique machine, even in such a crowded and competitive market as the sewing machine racket.

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What Will It Do For Me?

That’s a fairly long list, but in short this particular model helps make all of your sewing projects that much easier to get done right the first time. It offers you power that’s over and above anything you’re likely to find in a standard, starter model, and it gives you the sensitivity and responsiveness that you need.

With many features of industrial sewing machines, but without the industrial price and size, the Janome 1600P is the best of both worlds. You have all the strength of an industrial, but with the easy storage and lighter weight of a model that’s definitely meant to be used in your average home.


If you look on the side of the box the Janome 1600P comes in you’ll see a long and inclusive list of all the advantages it offers the user. Power, setup, brand reputation and others all play into it. However, some of the more memorable and noted pros include;

  • 8.85″ by 5.5″ Work Area. That’s a large area and whether you’re sewing drapes or skirts it’s more than enough space to get the job done, whatever the job happens to be.
  • 11 Pounds of Possible Foot Pressure. If you want to compare numbers on sewing machine strength, this will give you the ability to deal with several layers of all but the absolute toughest fabrics.
  • Quiet and Smooth. Lots of industrial strength or high performance sewing machines run loud as an auto race, but the Janome 1600P is quiet enough that you can work without waking up everyone in the house.
  • 800-1,600 Stitches per Minute. If you’re looking to win foot races with this machine it can punch stitches through in record time. No matter what you’re working on, get it done fast.

These are just some of the more prominent benefits that come with this particular model from Janome. Buyers also get the security of knowing that they have a quality machine from a quality company whose name carries years of good reviews behind it.

Combined with the mechanical features the machine offers, like a synchronized tension lever and the ability to avoid stalling even during the most stressful projects, this model has already made quite a name for itself among crafters and professionals alike.

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Customer Reviews

If you want to know whether or not a product is really worth the money a company is asking all you have to do is look at what customers have to say about it. Previous users have no motivation to spin a product one way or another; they just report on their findings so that other potential customers know what they’re getting themselves into. And when it comes to the Janome 1600P users have been far from quiet about their experiences with these machines. For instance, one reviewer had this to say:

“I have been a quilter for about 15 years now. This is my first reach out into the world of portable industrial sewing machines. What I was looking for was a machine that could go in a straight stitch, through anything, with minimal fuss. The Janome 1600p does all of that and even gives me extra wiggle room for when I’m machine quilting. (I tend to stick with the in-the-ditch style).” From Amazon.com

This is a small segment of a 5 star review from Amazon. When it comes to appliances like sewing machines possibly the highest praise you can give is that the machine did exactly what it was supposed to without any unnecessary bullying on your part. Out of the box it provided just the experience this customer was looking for. But was that a one time event? Another reviewer added:

“Although the bobbin, thread path, and needles all present challenges, I really do like the Janome 1600P sewing machine. It does beautiful work, makes consistent stitches, and handles quilting like a pro. I’ve been able to complete many beautiful quilts now that I have this set up.” From SewingMachineReviewer.com

It seems that, when you look at these two reviews what you’re getting are two different perspectives of an essentially solid and worthwhile machine. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, or when you need to get it done by, the Janome 1600P is the machine that offers you the raw force and the mechanical tools necessary to create something beautiful.

What Should I Do?

Well, that really depends on you and your needs when it comes to your sewing. On the one hand if you already have a machine with all the power you need that can handle all of your projects then there’s no reason to buy another sewing machine. However, if you don’t have a machine that can handle everything you need it to, then you might want to consider getting a machine that can. And if you’re going to invest in a new sewing machine anyway, then you might as well get one that won’t let you down.

That’s where Janome really shines, and where this particular model is allowed to come forward and showcase itself. Whether you need power or maneuverability, strength or just a wider working surface, it’s all available in a single, high performance package. So why wait another day if you don’t have to? Instead, why not get your hands on a Janome 1600P so you can try it out for yourself.

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