Is your home still your ‘dream home’?

Is your home still your dream home

There’s no greater feeling than getting the keys to your new home and making it into the haven you’ve dreamed of. However, years down the line, your once dream home might need some TLC and attention. Here’s how to regain that feeling you once loved coming home to.

Does your home give you that at-home feeling?

If the answer is no, it’s probably a good idea to ask yourself “why?”. Is the garden not where you thought it would be by this point? Have your children scribbled on the wall and added their own messy fingerprint decorations? Has your dog chewed at the kitchen chairs and doorframes?

If you’re coming home from work with a sigh of dismay instead of a sigh of relief, maybe it’s time for a renovation to get your home back to feeling the way it once did. New, fresh, and exciting.

Plan and think about your budget

Before you jump straight into a renovation, it’s important to consider your budget to help get your new developments off to a strong start. It’s also a good idea to split your home up into sections and prioritise what you want to get done first, as renovations can be a time-consuming and costly task.

If there’s a particular room or area of the house that is in desperate need of a makeover, start by planning the amendments you are going to make and totting up the average costs to see what’s left over for elsewhere.

Having a realistic budget of both time and money will mean that you won’t cut corners, rush into anything, or run the risk of being disappointed with the outcome.

Find your style

Maybe you’ve already got a style in mind and a clear direction in which you’re heading, or perhaps you’re keen to update your home with the latest interior trends.

Whatever direction you’re going, it’s important to stick to a style throughout the home, or at least in one room. This means that there’s less chance of colour-clashing, mishap patterns, or you getting bored quickly.

Add your own bit of flair to each room and let your personality shine through. Having a few focal points in each room, along with mirrors and light walls will help open up the space whilst still keeping it interesting.

Go big or go…home?

If you’ve been thinking of getting a patio laid to potter around the garden, a family kitchen extension to enjoy meals with your relatives, or an outdoor pool to cool down in on those hot summer days, now is the time to do it.

Big renovations can completely transform a home, give it a new lease of life, and add value for if you plan on selling in the future.

After all, your home should be the place you feel most comfortable. With some time, money, and effort, your home can become the perfect place to watch your family grow and continue to make incredible memories in.

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