Is A Housemaid Necessary For a Happy Family Life?

benefits of hiring a pro maid

In this modern world, life is not easy. We all have to burn the midnight oil and do all our work along with house chores to keep both sides of our life happy. Keeping the house neat and tidy is a crucial part of having a healthy lifestyle, but it is an entire job in itself! People who are job oriented often hire maids to get their houses cleaned. Looking at the heaps of mess and dirt all-around after a tiring day might make the day even more tiring. Housemaids are the best solution for the houses of people who spend almost half of the day out of the house working their jobs. Maids are becoming an increasing presence in the houses of the middle class, especially in the large cities. Services by maids in Dubai, New York, London Shanghai are highly professional and effective because of the advanced technologies they use. Here are some reasons why hiring a home maid may be the best choice for your family:

Better attention towards family:

After a long work week, weekends are the days that are a bit special in terms of spending time with family. Weekends are the times when people might go out on picnics, take trips with the near and dear ones, or see friends. It is time to get relaxed and stress-free. This time can be ruined if one has to clean the house by oneself and the only available time for that is the weekend. In this case, it is better to hire a maid which can help in cleaning the house while one can go and enjoy the weekend with family and friends. The family can give each other the attention and fun they deserve.

Be more focused at work:

In today’s world, all the members of a family have to work. As a result, there is no time to look after the house. Work is itself very energy consuming and time taking, and it gets more tiring and hectic if one is constantly thinking that they have to mop the floor of the house and clean other things. In this way hiring a housemaid is a nothing short of a blessing. As it is the job of maids to get the house cleaned and they are much more professional at this work. Isn’t it better to save your energy after work, and spend the time with family, than cleaning the house leaving the spouse and children annoyed?

Feel comfortable having guests at your place:

There are days when one has to receive friends at his/her place. Those days might get hectic as one has to take care of preparations by themselves, then have to cook something to present to the guests, and finally clean the house. In such alarming situations, maids can be a helping hand at cleaning the house and give the host that sigh of relief.

Maids can work in a better way:

One other reason for having a maid is that no matter how hard one scrubs the floor, mops it, and takes measures for everything in the house, this things can be done in better more effective ways by specialized people. So it is that the cleaning of the house can be done perfectly by maids, leaving you to enjoy family time. You also get to watch and learn from the maids, and should you give up their services after some time, you’ll be left with some newly acquired cleaning tips that you can exercise and turn into a skill.

Frequently Asked Questions about Housemaids

Hiring cleaning services doesn’t seem like the best plan for all people, as there are many out there liking to do it on their own. Not everyone is comfortable about having a stranger in their house to clean their bathrooms or ironing their delicates. Moreover, plenty of people think that it’s pricey and that they can very well do it alone.

But it’s for the same reasons for which other people hire professional service for cleaning. They don’t have the time, the energy, and the will for cleaning, and paying someone to do it seems like the perfect solution.

Should you rather be on the fence and cannot decide which way to go, the next FAQs will give you a clear image on many aspects related to housemaids.

1. What is a housemaid expected to do around the house?

In America, the “housekeeper” is a person that comes to your place to address various domestic tasks. She/he can clean, organize the home, cook, and even run errands for you.

It’s important to highlight that not all housekeepers will perform the same jobs. What your housemaid is going to do for you is something that you as owner and she can agree upon.

2. How much will a housemaid be?

Most of the time, house cleaning services range from $25 to $35 per hour. It’s also common for home cleaning services to charge by the square foot and not by the hour. Either way, a homeowner may pay anything from $112 to $220 for every service, with the $150 as average cost.

If you decide that you need cleaning services more often, you can expect a $5 to $10 discount for every visit. Weekly services cost you less than monthly services. All in all, you may pay a bit over $300 for a more substantial residence, whereas a small household is possible to get cleaned for $50.

3. Is it spending that you want to make?

Everything comes in life with a price- we hear it all the time. But it’s not only money that we need to pay, but time and other things too. When you think about whether you should hire a housemaid or not, the opportunity cost is essential to think about.

If you earn $50, a housemaid who charges $25 per hour is worth to consider altogether. If you’re only $15 per hour, hiring a housemaid for $25 doesn’t seem like the best plan for you.

4. Can you have a pristine clean home on your own?

Let’s face it: not everyone is good at cleaning. When you’re cleaning the home regularly, and you still don’t like the results, a housemaid should be your next plan. It’s one thing if you do some light cleaning in-between visits, and it’s different when the housemaid is addressing the deep cleaning and scrubbing for you.

When your home is as cleaned as dreamed, you get to enjoy your time around the house a lot better.

5. How thick is your wallet?

When you own high-interest loans and impressive credit card balances, it’s not wise to hire a housemaid. It’s more important that you use your money for the fundamental living spending, retirement savings, and emergencies.

Housemaid isn’t a need, but rather a want, so you should prioritize when spending your money.

6. Should you choose independent or corporate housemaid services?

If you have the money for it, the options to choose from are many. It will help if you start by deciding whether you want to hire an independent maid or one that works for a big home cleaning company.

Typically, an independent housemaid is going to be cheaper, and she gets all the money you’re paying. However, not all independent housemaids are reliable, and you don’t get the same insurance as you get through a company.

A cleaning service company is also more flexible when it comes to scheduling, as its team includes many cleaners. If you like one of the filters, you may not be able to see it as planned, as the company uses whoever is free for the job. If that’s important to you, a company isn’t your no.1 choice.

7. Why is a professional housekeeping service a good idea?

When you go with a company, the professional team will eliminate all the guesswork out of the hiring process. You don’t need to worry about the person, as the company selects it.

It’s going to cost you more when hiring a company, but you’re not going to worry about the safety nor the skills of the persons cleaning the house.

8. What to do if you want to go with an independent housemaid?

It’s not difficult to find an independent housekeeper, as people work part-time often nowadays. Once you’ve made up your mind, you need to prepare an interview with all the questions you consider important.

Never skip the interview process as it gives you an idea about the person who’s about to get into your home. Write down anything about the cleaning method. The more details you obtain, the more confidence you will have in her/his professionalism and cleaning skills.

9. Should you worry about security when hiring an independent housemaid?

Play it safe and don’t provide access to your home to a stranger from the first visit. If you’re hiding a key under a flowerpot by your front door, you shouldn’t let the housemaid know it from the first week. It would help if you prepared the questions for the interview without skipping the security matters.

It’s not a bad idea to have an interview in a local place, such as a bakery or a coffee shop. You don’t want to bring a stranger into your home right away. Trust and security are essential factors when selecting your housemaid.

Some digital background for the person you intend to hire may come in handy as well. Nevertheless, it would help if you did it with their approval.

10. Are the referrals valuable?

No matter what the commercials say, it’s always a recommendation from friends, neighbors, or coworkers that count the most when selecting a housemaid/service company. Every family has its budget, takes on a level of cleaning, so getting as many as referrals as you need an excellent place to start.

11. What should the housemaid hear from you?

Anyone who hasn’t had a housemaid or professional service for cleaning their household is going to fall into temptation and clean the house before professional help arrives. However, try your best to run through your regular cleaning routine. This way,  anyone coming in knows what to expect exactly. When you go with a service company, they need to know how many people are required for the job and how much time they’ll spend in your home.

More importantly, you don’t want to clean the house every time the housemaid comes in. After all, it defeats the primary purpose!

12. Should you trust your instincts or not?

No matter how many questions you’re asking, it’s always the personal feel you have when meeting the housemaid. How you feel around them is what counts the most. When you’re going with a professional company, you need to be satisfied with the performance every single time, as you’re not going to have the same person cleaning your house every time.

You must go back home knowing that your house is both clean and safe. Anything that doesn’t feel right to you is a red flag.

In closing, let’s hear some tips on how to hire a maid the smart way, from Angela Brown:

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