Insider’s Guide: Power and Pressure Washing Unmasked

Power and Pressure Washing Explained

The process of using high-pressure water spray to remove paints, dust, dirt, etc. from the surface of buildings, vehicles, or concrete surfaces is referred to as pressure washing or power washing. But first thing first, we often assume these two terms as similar. But there are slight differences between them. In power washing, the water used for the spray is heated and in a pressure washer, water is not heated. There is some advantage we can gain from the heated water like it removes the mildew, salt, and grease very easily. Hot water makes it easier to clean the surface. But it is not applicable in the case of soil or area which cannot handle the warmer spray. This is when we use only a pressure washer.

Pressure or power washing is popular due to its simplicity and efficiency. It is very easy to handle and helps to reduce allergies, minimize hazards and improve aesthetics. Some uses of pressure and power washer are:

  • The exterior wall of all types of residential and commercial buildings.
  • Roofs, sideways, walkways, driveways, decks, patios.
  • Open areas, fences, parking garages and lots.
  • Washing any kind of vehicles (mainly used for truck fleet washing and heavy machinery).
  • Removal of paint from wood, metal, plastic, brick and concrete surfaces.

A pressure washer usually consists of two to four high-pressure jets on a rotating bar that swivels while water is flowing. It uses nozzles to alter the direction of flow and velocity of the water which allows the user to apply more pressure or reach more distance. Nozzles are selected based on the height and structure of the surface to be cleaned.

Benefits of Using a Power/Pressure Washer

It is the most effective and cost-friendly way to wash the house, office buildings, and any kind of facades on regular basis. Pressure washing can carry an array of benefits for the property owners or the businesses. Because a clean and aesthetically beautiful building will always create a good impression on the clients. Regularly pressure washing your building will:

  • Improve the overall curb appeal of the building.
  • Prevent repairing costs as the algae, mold, dirt could wear away the materials and damage the structure.
  • Create a fresh and better experience for the clients and employees when pressure-washed the associated spaces like sideways, walkways, parking lots.
  • Prevent the health injuries which occur due to algae and other pollutants when walkways or sideways become slippery.
  • Help to remove the graffiti from the wall surface.
  • Offer an easier way to wash the vehicles especially the private cars regularly.

Risks of Using a Power Washer

Power washers or pressure can break the exterior objects, vinyl panels, creating holes, etc. Some of the risks associated with these tools are:

  • While using the washer it is likely to shoot the water up towards the top of the house. There are usually vents in that area of the house where water can go through. If water gets into your attic, it may result in wood rot on the beams in this case.
  • It can cause serious wounds to individuals if not handled properly.
  • If the instructions are not followed properly, it might create an electric shock. It also uses various cleaning chemicals which can cause adverse health problems if seep into a crack or wound.

Handling these tools without proper experience may also lead to expensive repairing costs. In this case, hiring a professional with vast experience in cleaning would come in handy. As power washing and pressure washing are gaining popularity day by day, companies like Racoons power washing are offering professional services for businesses and homeowners which are very cost and time-effective.

All in all, this is the most cost effective home improvement technique. If done well it almost never disappoint.

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