Important Dryer Vent and Air Duct Cleaning Tips in Frederick MD

Dryer Vent and Air Duct Cleaning in Frederick MD

Have you recently noticed a reduction in indoor air quality? Individuals suffering from allergies are most likely to witness such a change, as their allergy symptoms will worsen.

Air vents and ducts are plentiful in dirt, dust, hair, dander, and other contaminants polluting the atmosphere in households. Unless these are frequently cleaned, their effect on the health of residents can be severe.

Have a look at some important cleaning tips.

Dryer vent cleaning

Clothes dryers are one of the common causes of home fires due to the build-up of lint, which limits airflow and results in overheating of the appliance. Residents of Frederick should be on the lookout for warning signs indicating lint accumulation in the dryer ductwork system.

For instance, clothes will need more time to dry, or they’ll be hotter once the drying cycle is over. Additionally, it’s likely for the exterior part of the dryer to get extremely hot. Some homeowners might even experience a burnt smell in the room where the appliance is.

Upon noticing any of these warning signs, homeowners in Frederic are advised to clean their dryer vents to prevent fire. Nowadays, there are numerous air duct cleaning businesses, such as Real Clean Air company, whose mission is to provide clean indoor air for families. These professionals follow a series of steps to ensure dryer vents are entirely clean.

The initial step of cleaning a dryer vent involves removing the lint trap filter. Prior to removing the filter, the appliance has to be unplugged and pulled away from the wall. Afterward, the inside of the housing should be vacuumed with the help of the long hose attachment of the vacuum cleaner. It should be cleaned a second time with a long flexible brush so as to reach the cavity’s bottom.

The following step involves disconnecting the dryer ductwork. The ducts are best cleaned by inserting a long brush into each one and using a circular motion to move it. The head of the brush should be cleaned multiple times during the process till all lint is eliminated. After you’ve cleaned all ducts, it’s time to reattach the ductwork. If necessary, make sure to replace the duct sections.

Air duct cleaning

Apart from dryer vents, air ducts also require occasional cleaning to maintain a healthy household environment. The ductwork must cleaned if you notice signs of mold growth or pest infestation in the system. The first step includes covering your supply vents, referring to the openings through which heat or cool air is delivered to all rooms in the house.

Make sure you cover them with paper towels, except for the ones cleaned momentary. These towels will impede dirt and dust from reaching the other areas. Read here about the production of paper towels. The process is relatively simple, requiring homeowners to lift the supply vent in order to put the towel between it and the floor. Then, the thermostat should be set to the fan-on setting. It’s important for the fan to be running, as it’ll move the dust more easily.

Moreover, to remove the accumulated dust sticking to the walls of the ductwork, you need to tap it with the handle of your brush. The tapping is helpful in eliminating the dust deposits inside the ductwork, which have dampened over time.

The next step involves cleaning the supply registers with a vacuum hose so as to remove the dust that has been blown by the fan. Insert the hose as far as you can reach into the ductwork.

After removing as much dust as you can, use a moist microfiber cloth to wipe the interior. The cloth would probably need to be rinsed multiple times because of the high accumulation of dust.

The blower compartments should be cleaned as well, as dust tends to accumulate here as well. For the cleaning process to be absolutely effective, remember to replace the furnace filter. Otherwise, the contaminants will be spread everywhere in the house. Follow this link,, for some handy tips on reducing household dust.

Final word

Make sure you keep your ductwork and vents clean.

It’s the key to a healthy household!

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