How to Determine If I Need a New Air Conditioner

technician decides new air conditioned is needed

Your AC is among the most expensive mechanical systems that you will ever have in your home. Due to this reason, the thought of replacing it strikes fear to the hearts of many homeowners. On the same note, one of the challenging decisions that you will ever make about your …

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What are filters made of and why it is important?

what are hvac air filters made of and rating

There are different types of air filters and they are rated based on a system that allows consumers, from renters to homeowners to hospital administrators, to make the best decisions about their air quality and for their system. Depending on your unit, your health needs, and whether or not you …

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Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System at Home

hvac maintenance

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner helps prolong its lifespan, but it also plays an essential role in preserving the health of your pets and your family. Extensive maintenance is also crucial to reducing the amount you get to spend on costly repairs in any given year. While it’s generally …

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A Simplified Guide to Choosing your Heating System

which heating system to choose

The type of heating system to install is one of the biggest considerations homeowners have to make in most parts of the United States. The winter months are brutal in many areas around the country, with temperatures reaching as low as 15.1°F (-9.4°C) in some states. With heating expenses consuming …

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Hot Water Heater Repair and how it can impact your quality of life

leaking water heater with plumbing repair tools

When it comes to hot-water heaters, one of the things you want to have all the time is a working heating system. Whether it is a hot-water heater system or any other form of heating in your home, you want to always be assured that the system will work. And …

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What is more Eco-Friendly: Electric or Gas Heating?

gas vs electric water heater

More and more people, regardless of their political convictions, are aware that if we don’t change our behavior dramatically, our grandchildren might inherit the Earth that is completely inhospitable to the human race. If we want to reverse the harmful trends, we need to act soon – there is no …

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How an HVAC professional can help you

two air conditioning units

An HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and cooling system is one of the most vital and costly investments a property owner must install. The installation not only accords occupants of a given space, whether residential or commercial, the most optimal comfort by offering stable temperatures throughout the day while also improving …

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Why It’s Important to Maintain Your Air Conditioner Yearly

air source heat pump

As summer approaches, the more important our air conditioners are, cooling us down during extremely hot temperatures! However, quite a few homeowners take their air conditioning units for granted, leaving them running without thinking of maintenance. If you’re one of these people, it’s high time that you maintain your air …

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HVAC Tips and Tricks to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

living room with HVAC

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) can cause your energy bill to soar sky-high if not handled properly. Everybody wants a lower monthly bill, but not everyone knows how to be energy efficient when they’re at home. We would like to see this change. One of the first things you …

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A Noisy Air Conditioning Unit Could Indicate Its Due for Servicing

Noisy Air Conditioner

A noisy air conditioner can be annoying – and alarming. When you hear humming or other noises suddenly, you can be pretty sure there’s something wrong with the system. The type of sounds you hear can be useful to help a technician diagnose the cause of the issue. Don’t be …

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