How Wall Murals are Better than Paint or Hanging Arts

Art Decoreation

A mural can express your creative flair, taste, and interest. It is a piece of art that covers the wall and give it a new lively look. The mural is the easiest way to add colors into a dull, boring wall. You can give a quirky look to your room by highlighting one wall. A single wall mural decorates your room, and give you a feeling that there is no need to add further decoration pieces into the room. Like wall paint, it does not require renovation after every year once you install you have done your work.

Mural completely covers the wall. They come with an ultra-strong adhesive on one side, which helps it to stay affixed to the wall for many years.

   1. Wall Murals are enough for Decoration

Wall Murals

If you don’t have enough space to decorate your home, then no worries. You can fulfill your wish by affixing murals. It will transfer the look of your home. A mural wall attracts others and gives a refreshing look to your room. If you want to choose mural designs according to your choice and location demand to make it livelier, you can visit wallpaper design.

   2. It Showcases Your Interest

When you choose a wall mural, it shows your interest and choice to others. Where it gives a beautiful look to your place at the same time, people praise your choice too. It provides a lively look to your room or place where you would install it.

   3. Easy to Install

Like paint, it does not require months to complete. Also, it does not require any expensive tool or team to install it. Only two people can easily do it. The only thing you need to install a wall mural is the smooth surface if you try to affix it on a rough surface like exposed bricks this isn’t a suitable surface, and it can affect the durability of the mural.

   4. Easy to Remove

High-quality murals are so easy to remove. They don’t even leave any sticky residue on the surface of the wall. On the other hand, cheap adhesive murals can damage the surface underneath the mural upon removal. If you want to preserve the lower surface of mural then you should research before buying.

   5. The longevity of the Mural

Although you are not using any permanent material such as nails, paint, or any other kind of fixture, you may be wondering how long your wall mural can last. The durability of it depends on the quality, but the average wall mural can last for five years. After this period it started to show aging signs. Lower quality murals start to degrade almost after three years.

Some more advantages of installing murals

  • Wall mural does not need any extra care or maintenance like dusting.
  • It is easy to install. Like paint, it does not require months to install.
  • For installation of the mural, you do not need holes in the wall.
  • You can choose any image of your choice in any color and design.
  • Wall mural adds millions of visual interest in your place.
  • These murals work in any place to make it perfect and attractive


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